Leftys, Lawyers & Loons

Trouble with Lawers. Advertisement: Just because you did it...* The Law Hurts: And it seems it’s hurting the lawyers most of all! Find out why lawyers are so unhealthy, when Bob and co-host Doug McBurney discuss the Trouble with Lawyers.

* Socialist Profit Sharing: means the government can steal money from successful companies, and give it to the unsuccessful, (at least according to ObamaCare and the RE-publicans in congress).

* Take the Money & Run: Hear how Brooke Shields’ mom decided against abortion, and for a nice oval cherry wood coffee table!

* Nothing New Under the Sun: Listen in as pastor Bob reads old newspaper articles from before World War II that were already fear-mongering about climate change even before AlGore started contributing to the CO2 content of earth’s atmosphere!

Bob Enyart's The Trouble with Lawyers* Enyart in a Protected Class? Now that researchers have begun classifying “homophobia” as a mental illness, it may be possible that normal people like you and I, (classified as homophobes by the sex perverts) may qualify for special protections under the Americans with Disabilities Act!

Today's Resource: Watch The Trouble with Lawyers to see Bob debate (and dismantle) three law students.... Are the Ten Commandments still sacred in America's court- rooms? Charles says, yes... Bob disagrees. If the law were just, would lawyers be needed? C.J. says, yes... Bob disagrees. When asked why Jesus called lawyers evil and hypocrites, Jason says....