Abraham's Marriage and the Earth's age, an Idaho Worker, and a Questionable Quote

Graph of lifespans showing systematic decline after the floodThree messages in the weekend's BEL Mailbag. Later in the show, Bob shares the results of a book search by Valerie in Texas, one of our associate producers, who helped to falsify the last bit of alleged evidence for a quote about Noah's Ark from a long-time Nat'l Geographic editor (and son-in-law of Alexander Graham Bell). Then, with great excitement, Bob shares the latest bullet added to rsr.org/evidence for the short-lived history of mankind, an observation based on Abraham marrying his sister Sarah without violating any taboo and without fear of inbred harm to any children. The show begins though with, "My name is Mark Carroll. I'm a long time listener from Idaho. The company I work for recently adopted a new covid policy which discriminates against those who haven't had the covid vaccine. I filed for a religious accommodation based on the fact that the vaccines are made with or developed with aborted babies' cloned cells. I believe like you do Bob that we're all created in God's image and that no man has the right to murder a baby and cannibalize it for their own utilitarian purposes. I want nothing to do with the slaughter of the innocent. My HR representative denied my request and then threatened me with a company-wide vaccine mandate. I am asking for your assistance in bringing this to the public's attention.  We have 110 people working here and many of them feel the same way I do. Please contact me. I can provide more information and would greatly appreciate any help offered." REPLY: "Mark, so sorry you are going through this. My own mom, Connie, just was effectively uninvited from visiting her family in New Jersey this weekend. Oh well! So, can I interview you about your situation on Tuesday? Thanks so much for writing! In Christ, Bob Enyart" REPLY: "I would love to be on your show but cannot due to fear of retaliation from the company. I just don't know what to do or where to go. I've been working there for 18 years. I've been praying a lot asking God for guidance. I thank you for your response. Again, I'm a long-time listener."

- Mankind's 900-year lifespan suddenly decreased after the flood in a non-random exponential decay when the previous equilibrium rapidly fell to today's life expectancy.
- Like for Eve's children and countless of their descendants, Abraham could be blessed marrying his own sister (Sarah was his half-sister). God didn't prohibit sibling marriage until Moses (three generations beyond the Lifespan graph, top right). Even though the human genome had been deteriorating since the Fall, it wasn't until the Exodus that that procreation by close relatives became dangerous for their offspring. For both parents, by then, would likely possess some of the same damaged genes. Day-age and other old-earth camps tend to reject the global flood. Many of the advocates of such things hold to a chronology that has human beings existing for tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of years before Abraham. Thus if there were no global flood and mankind had existed for eons, sibling marriage would have become dangerous tens or hundreds of thousands of years before Moses. Abraham's relationship, rather than being presented matter-of-factly as it is, would generate fear of inbred harm to his descendants. Sibling marriage would have been taboo long before any flood.

* COVID Nurse/Grandma Can't See Daughter/Grandchild: After Bob shared on today's program that his mom was uninvited this past weekend to a family function in New Jersey, a listener was prompted to email this sad story...

Hi Bob,
I was moved by the story of your mom not being allowed to go see her family because she was not vaccinated. My wife is having that same experience. Our daughter lives just outside of New Jersey with her husband. She is having her first child, our first grandchild, in two weeks. My wife and I wanted to be there for a few days to provide moral, spiritual, and emotional support. Her husband is so paranoid about Covid that he will not allow my wife to visit because she is not vaccinated. Significantly though, my wife is a nurse and has taken care of hundreds of Covid patients in her hospital. Her Primary care physician said she would not need the vaccination because her immune system would be have been built up with antibodies over the past 7 months. It makes us so sad, as now I too am not going if my wife cannot be there. Just another thing for us to trust God with. Thank you for your program.

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