During the ceasefire, Bob asks, How much should we love Israel?

Plot_Cover.jpgPastor Bob Enyart shares highlights from yesterday's Denver Bible Church sermon titled, How much should we love Israel? At BEL and DBC we have always and we continue to side with Israel as the majority position by the Palestinians is that they hate the Jews more than they love their own children, and the Palestinians are not only are in the wrong, but continually commit war crimes against Israelis. The question of God's own relationship with the Jews and with the State of Israel, and what His plans may or may not be for them in the future, cannot be answered with true understanding unless another question could be answered, a question Bob presents on today's program. Also, a third invitation comes to Bob to give his Predictions Presentation Based on the Fountains of the Global Flood, this one to a private group at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. And finally, to make it useful, Bob modified the U.S. Dept. of Education's No Child Left Behind, which you can see at kgov.com.
No Child Left Behind A MASK

Tom Hoefling's FB post finds it way into a Denver Bible Church sermon

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