Cancel Culture at NIH and their Troublemaker on BEL

J.C. Sanford, Ph.D. Genetic EntropyToday Bob Enyart gives a preview of our upcoming RSR show with one of the world's leading geneticists. This Friday we will air the entire important interview with Dr. John Sanford including hearing about the cancel culture that occurred at the National Institutes of Health after his recent lecture. But we're airing half of that interview today in hopes of enlisting you, and much of our audience, to spread the word about Friday's broadcast! So if you would, if you agree that the content on today's show is vital for people to hear, then please invite one or two others to tune in this Friday, January 15th, right here on! Consider also,, Dr. Sanford's paper, The waiting time problem in a model hominin population, and RSR's interview with his associate Christopher Rupe.