Cuomo Serenades Staffer / What We Christians Should Do

2003 Mustang for sale in Arvada
Arvada: For sale!

Today Bob Enyart airs the audio of Cuomo singing to an assistant to tie together yesterday's reports:
- Cuomo's democrat executive privilege (i.e. to sexually harass women)
- Bill and Hillary once announced open season on women
- The MeToo movement significantly protected women
- Progressives pausing (or perhaps killing) MeToo by deeming Tara Reade worthless 
- The Left approving of white men who sexually assault women (Cuomo, Biden, Cinton)
- Republicans complicit by legitimizing pornography, fornication, adultery, and homosexuality
- Disney hiring a convicted pedophile to make a movie in defense of sex with pre-teen kids
- Rocky Mtn News republishing a resignation letter after 108 babies born at one high school  
- BEL's Big Ugly List of Liberals Supporting needs to be shared widely
- Christian duty includes advocating for recriminalization of porn, fornication, adultery, homosexuality, etc.