Will Duffy to Debate & Bob Thanks All for the Telethon!

Bob Enyart announces that on March 8th, DBC's own Will Duffy will debate live on YouTube, "Does the Bible Teach that God Exists Outside of Time?" Marlon Wilson hosts Will and Jeremy Howard next Tuesday at 6 p.m. M.T. On today's program he suggests that the Open Theism list of 575 verses in 33 categories will come in handy in the debate, especially categories 23 and 22 including that the Bible teaches that God is patience, slow to anger, and a God who hopes. 

* Telethon Thank You to Everyone: We believe we've more than exceeded our goal. Thank you, everyone, for your sacrificial financial contribution. And for those who can't give but who pray for us to communicate a biblical worldview to believers and to share with unbelievers the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we thank you too, profusely! The amazing $42,750 we've already reached, plus the large contribution coming from a Christian men's group in Canada, should put us well above our $50,000 goal!