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Hold a Bob Enyart Live Seminar in Your Town!

Bob Enyart has conducted scores of seminars in cities across America and would love to present one in your town. If you can't host a seminar, by all means, you can get an audio or video recording of one from us and then enjoy the teaching yourself, or with a small group, Sunday School class or Bible Study! Below are the instructions for hosting a seminar, but first, here are links to existing recording seminars for your edification...

The Global Flood & the Hydroplate Theory

The End Times

Evidence Against the Big Bang

The Tree

Predestination & Free Will

Open Theism

God's Criminal Justice System


The Young Earth


Does God Exist?

Christianity 101  

If you can't host a BEL Seminar, nor attend one,
then consider enjoying one from the
Seminar Department in our KGOV Store!

Instructions for Hosting a Seminar: To make that happen, we need an organizer who helps to plan, promote, and underwrite the seminar.  Would you like to bring Bob to your town?  You could make a seminar happen for as little as $2,000.  Here are the five steps to bring a seminar to your town.

1.  Select a Topic.  Choose one of Bob's successful seminar topics. (See list above, or request a new topic.)

2.  Find a Location. Estimate the number of attendees and available funds. Successful locations have included:
            a. Hotel meeting room
            b. Restaurant
            c. Outdoor park (we've done this in Hawaii and Indiana)
            d. Private home (for groups up to 20 people)
            e. Church sanctuary
            f. Church meeting room

3.  Raise Underwriting Funds. To underwrite a seminar, please send $1,000 to Bob Enyart Live. ($2,000 if you are overseas.) This is the total payment to Bob Enyart and gets BEL involved in planning the seminar.  more...

4.  Pick a Date. Bob Enyart typically presents seminars on Saturdays, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Bob ends the seminars with a Q&A session, and makes himself available for informal discussion with the attendees throughout the day and during the lunch break. Please suggest two possible dates to BEL, at least two months in advance.

5.  Promote the EventBob Enyart Live will help promote the event by announcing it on the air and listing it online on our written KGOV show summary pages. As the organizer, Bob asks you to spread the word locally.

Bringing Bob to your town is easy and the rewards can be great. With each seminar Bob Enyart Live reaches more people with the wonderful life-changing message of Jesus Christ. If you want to underwrite a BEL seminar in your town, please click on the Printer Friendly icon above to print out this page and just start following the steps!

Sincerely, the BEL Staff

More on Raising Funds: As the organizer of the event you can decide whether or not attendees pay a registration fee and if so how much. Past seminars have charged anywhere from $0 to $50 per couple and we've also allowed churches to sell tickets and keep 100% of the proceeds in thanks and to support their own ministry. You can use ticket sales revenue to reimburse yourself and any other underwriters and for other seminar expenses like room rental or promotions. In lieu of a registration fee, a collection can be taken, the proceeds to reimburse the underwriters for expenses with any excess funds going to BEL.