2020 Archive

March 2020
Date Title
Mar 27 Dr. Peter Gentry on the Documentary Hypothesis Pt. 2
Mar 26 ThThurs: 1 Peter Pt. 3
Mar 25 In-Home Test Offered on BEL! (Beware: Near fake news title!)
Mar 24 Documentary Hypothesis Refuted by Cassuto, and here on RSR by Dr. Peter Gentry
Mar 23 Ryan Mullins, Timelessess and God: Pt. 2
Mar 20 RSR: A Biochemist on 2020's Mystery of Life's Origin
Mar 19 ThThurs: 1 Peter Pt. 2
Mar 18 BEL Helps the Heterosexual Kid who Confronted Charlie Kirk
Mar 17 Ryan Mullins: The End of the Timeless God, on RSR!
Mar 16 Buy. Buy. Buy. If You Can Buy Stock, Buy!
Mar 13 If the (14c) Data Doesn't Fit, Just Fix the Data
Mar 12 ThThurs: Leviticus Pt. 4
Mar 11 RSR Special Episode: One of those 30,000 public school teachers!
Mar 10 Homeschool Update with HSLDA Senior Counsel Mike Donnelly
Mar 9 Catch and Kill for Woody Allen; Catch and Release for Bob
Mar 6 RSR's List of Star Formation Problems
Mar 5 ThThurs: Leviticus Pt. 3
Mar 4 MSNBC's Chris Matthews Throws Bob Enyart a Softball
Mar 3 Bob Answers Qs Put to the WSJ, then Derails the Supreme Ct's Abortion Case
Mar 2 Demo Virus Helping Reelect Trump & Bob Asking You to Help BEL
February 2020
Date Title
Feb 28 Doug Axe on RSR on his Historic Discovery of Protein Structure
Feb 27 ThThurs: 2 Kings Pt. 3
Feb 26 Disassembling Dems Reminded Us of Rudder re Their Fate and Socialism
Feb 25 A detective and a rabbi email a pastor...
Feb 24 Weinstein to Jail; Cosby from jail,; OJ hot on the trail (on a golf course)
Feb 21 "If the people can do it the sheep can do it", Temple Grandin in Patterns
Feb 20 ThThurs: 2 Kings Pt. 2
Feb 19 Bob's first thoughts on the great Patterns: Red Sea Miracle
Feb 18 Tonight in theaters! But first, Tim Mahoney's here on RSR
Feb 17 Patterns Tomorrow in Theaters: Why We Need You There!
Feb 14 Mutiny in the RSR Studio
Feb 13 ThThurs: 1 Kings Pt. 4
Feb 12 Romney Eviscerated (along with Coulter) by Four Talk Hosts
Feb 11 Savior, Anti-Christ or... Neither?
Feb 10 The Lesser of Three Evils
Feb 7 RSR's Polys Pt. 3
Feb 6 ThThurs: 1 Kings Pt. 3
Feb 5 Trump: Every Baby Precious So Ban Late-Term Abortion
Feb 4 BEL's 60-minute Fix to Tally Iowa Caucus Results
Feb 3 KHOW's Ross Kaminsky: The Typhoid Mary of E.D.
January 2020
Date Title
Jan 31 RSR's Polys Pt. 2
Jan 30 ThThurs: Ruth Pt. 4
Jan 29 The coronavirus, its genome, and 3 little antibodies...
Jan 28 Auschwitz: Not Long Ago. Not Far Away.
Jan 27 Between the Covers: What's Inside a Children's Book with Deborah DeGroff
Jan 24 RSR's List of the Kinds of Polystrate Fossils
Jan 23 ThThurs: Ruth Pt. 3
Jan 22 Slow News Week Picks Up with Hoosier Amy -- The Real Deal!
Jan 21 Biblical Apologetic for America's Constitutional Monarcy Pt. 2
Jan 20 Biblical Apologetic for America's Constitutional Monarchy
Jan 17 Al Gore's inconvenient nemesis Gregory Wrightstone on RSR
Jan 16 ThThurs: Judges Pt. 4
Jan 15 The U.S. Constitution is Itself Unconstitutional
Jan 14 America’s Criminal Code
Jan 13 The Proposed Constitution of America
Jan 10 RSR Reduces the Uncertainty about Shannon Information
Jan 9 ThThurs: Judges Pt. 3
Jan 8 US Bases Bombed, Trump takes Victory Lap, Appropriately
Jan 7 United They Fall: Some Methodists Escape to Sanity
Jan 6 Soleimani and the Disease Underlying Trump Derangement Syndome
Jan 3 Reairing: The Most Informative Neanderthal Show Ever!
Jan 2 ThThurs: Joshua Pt. 4