2020 Archive

December 2020
Date Title
Dec 31 ThThurs: The Epistle to the Romans Pt. 10
Dec 30 30 Years Broadcasting Paying Off in Spread of BEL Terminology
Dec 29 Simple things to (only) slightly more difficult things Pt. 2
Dec 28 Simple things in the news to slightly more difficult things in theology
Dec 25 The Astronomical Star of Bethlehem
Dec 24 ThThurs: The Epistle to the Romans Pt. 9
Dec 23 Using Google Against Google: Search Conservative News Sites Only!
Dec 22 Top Four Reasons Black Pastors Resist Abolishing Abortion
Dec 21 1) The Great Conjunction 2) Notarized Bragging Rights in Hell
Dec 18 If excess CO2's bad for NASA then masks are bad too!
Dec 17 ThThurs: The Epistle to the Romans Pt. 8
Dec 16 If that much CO2's bad for astronauts, then masks are bad too!
Dec 15 Stealing “Fair & Square”
Dec 14 Overdue Executions & Analyzing Benjamin (Shapiro)
Dec 11 Means, MOTIVE, and opportunity, now on RSR
Dec 10 ThThurs: The Epistle to the Philippians Pt. 16
Dec 9 From far, far away, unconfirmed Biden team audio
Dec 8 Do you enjoy your kids?
Dec 7 Costco Mgr: WHAT'S HAPPENING???
Dec 4 The Most Natural, the Unnatural, the Dirty & the Dusty
Dec 3 ThThurs: The Epistle to the Philippians Pt. 15
Dec 2 Dominion had means & opportunity, now Oltmann shows motive
Dec 1 Kiss my face and fear, the baby says to the wicked
November 2020
Date Title
Nov 30 Resurrecting Johns Hopkins Economist's Dead COVID Numbers
Nov 27 The Fine-Tuning of the Universe, Solar System and Earth
Nov 26 ThThurs: Mark Pt 7
Nov 25 Planned Parenthood's Angry Guy Lands Pastor Jeremy in Court
Nov 24 Business Closures and a Cough-Benefit Analysis
Nov 23 wearepaulrevere
Nov 20 Dominion Voting meets RSR's Data Security Analyst
Nov 19 ThThurs: Mark Pt 6
Nov 18 With millions out of school, time to pounce!
Nov 17 Profane, Deplatformed & Statistically Impossible
Nov 16 Appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court DBC will go after Buck v Bell too!
Nov 13 Bob and Fred SQUEEZE in Some Creation Magazine News Briefs
Nov 12 ThThurs: Genesis - Abraham Pt. 5
Nov 11 So, guess what's going to the U.S. Supreme Court
Nov 10 So now I hate the Dems even more, for pushing me to...
Nov 9 Fixing cheating, psychoanalyzing CNN, and about that homosexual...
Nov 6 And now for something completely different...
Nov 5 ThThurs: Genesis - Abraham Pt. 4
Nov 4 Our friend Bevelyn from a DC hospital, stabbed by BLM punks
Nov 3 What's up with the election?
Nov 2 Audio from Planned Parenthood Officials Under Oath, and Other Crimes
October 2020
Date Title
Oct 30 Biblical inerrancy, old-earth creation, & Terry Mortenson on RSR
Oct 29 ThThurs: Hebrews Pt. 8
Oct 28 Hear audio of Bob on Denver's Stefan Tubs' KNUS show
Oct 27 John Piper's 4 Against Trump; Bob's 6
Oct 26 As DBC Fights the State, Coronavirus Fights... the FLU?
Oct 23 The Hitchcock sequel The Birds: Darwin's Finch Nightmare
Oct 22 ThThurs: Hebrews Pt. 7
Oct 21 Open Theism & Dr. Richard Rice, Pt. 3
Oct 20 Open Theism & Dr. Richard Rice, Pt. 2
Oct 19 Donna Rice Hughes on BEL on Netflix Indicted for Cuties
Oct 16 Quantum Triality Pt. 4
Oct 15 ThThurs: Ezra Pt. 6
Oct 14 Police Officer Perjures Herself to Help Denver-area Mosque
Oct 13 Rice, Rice, Rice & Update on Our List of Ways the Shutdown Kills
Oct 12 Amy Coney Barrett's Notre Dame Law Professor on BEL
Oct 9 Mount St. Helens to Novarupta with Pat Roy
Oct 8 ThThurs: Ezra Pt. 5
Oct 7 Open mouth, insert foot. If too big, open wider.
Oct 6 This Time the DOCTA... at the Debate Pt. 2
Oct 5 This Time the DOCTA Really Was at the Debate!
Oct 2 Microbiologist Dr. Clem Persaud on COVID Vaccines
Oct 1 ThThurs: Acts of the Apostles Pt. 27
September 2020
Date Title
Sep 30 The DOCTA at the Debate
Sep 29 Epstein, Clinton, Ghislane. Got it. But then... Dylan Howard on BEL?
Sep 28 Ginsburg, Barrett, & Billy Graham all meet the DOCTA
Sep 25 For the studies since 2015 see rsr.org/pot.
Sep 24 ThThurs: Acts of the Apostles Pt. 26
Sep 23 Alleged woman attempts assassination of the president
Sep 22 Hear from Barrett but first from Bob interviewed by the Post
Sep 21 What if he's pro-life but pro-homo? Pro-socialism but anti-choice? Pro-homo but...
Sep 18 Part Three on the Triality
Sep 17 ThThurs: Acts of the Apostles Pt. 25
Sep 16 Cops' Families should Sue Melinda Gates, Nike, LeBron, etc.
Sep 15 Tucker, there ain't no Venusians! And criticize global warming correctly
Sep 14 Now, REALLY pray for Trump! And about COTMH...
Sep 11 Part Two on the Triality
Sep 10 ThThurs: Acts of the Apostles Pt. 24
Sep 9 Paul forgives Bob for condemning him so Bob asks, "Will you forgive God?"
Sep 8 Bob Researches Pot Use among Rioters & Talks to Paul the Homosexual
Sep 7 Lying caller, lying athletes, and the leading ways of dying
Sep 4 Quantum Mechanics' Wave-Particle Duality is a Triality
Sep 3 ThThurs: Acts of the Apostles Pt. 23
Sep 2 Kamala Harris' family owned slaves (yes, but from eternity past?)
Sep 1 Hidin' Joe Biden (yes, but, from eternity past?)
August 2020
Date Title
Aug 31 Jay Sekulow & BLM promoting homosexuals (from eternity past?)
Aug 28 Not Physical Pt. 3
Aug 27 ThThurs: Acts of the Apostles Pt. 22
Aug 26 Jimmy Fallon in Blackface (from eternity past?)
Aug 25 John MacArthur in the News (from eternity past?)
Aug 24 Jo Scott on Edmee & Bevelyn & the Ironic MacArthur Win
Aug 21 RSR: The Origin of Earth's Radioactivity
Aug 20 ThThurs: Acts of the Apostles Pt. 21
Aug 19 Jordan Hall on The Boy who Came Back from Heaven
Aug 18 Bob Interacts at Forbes.com with Adam Smith Institute's Tim Worstall
Aug 17 [Show title withheld]
Aug 14 Alleged: The Scopes Monkey Trial Movie
Aug 13 ThThurs: Acts of the Apostles Pt. 20
Aug 12 Trump just said 'Start a Petition' on the Russia Pulitzer
Aug 11 Bob Sues the Government
Aug 10 BEL's 2020 Predictions Already Being Confirmed
Aug 7 Not Physical Things Pt. 2
Aug 6 Theology Thursday: 1 Thessalonians Pt. 6
Aug 5 What Did Socialists Use Before Candles? And Before Supporting It, What Did the Church Oppose?
Aug 4 Trump Shakes Down Microsoft; Bob Shakes Up Newsweek
Aug 3 Mailbag: From Sweden, Georgia, Oklahoma, and a Koukl Listener
July 2020
Date Title
Jul 31 Sodom located! Secular archaeologists agree with Dr. Steven Collins!
Jul 30 Theology Thursday: 1 Thessalonians Pt. 5
Jul 29 Concluding our airing, without preview, but commenting, on Koukl's defense
Jul 28 BEL Airs "Sight Unseen", that is, Without Previewing, Koukl's Defense
Jul 27 Koukl Back in Time to 2007 with Epperson and Enyart
Jul 24 RSR Asks an Evolutionist to Retract His Rodhocetus Claim
Jul 23 Theology Thursday: 1 Corinthians Pt. 9
Jul 22 Unrest Alliance: BLM + Antifa. Plus Islam? Yup.
Jul 21 Teachers (including Bob & Greg Koukl) Get the Stricter Judgment
Jul 20 Apologist Koukl Still Tragically Denies His Moral Relativism
Jul 17 Mahoney on RSR re Tonight's Red Sea Miracle Pt 2 Premiere!
Jul 16 Theology Thursday: 1 Corinthians Pt. 8
Jul 15 Puerto Rico's Gain, aka On the Moon Brian joins Bob Defying the Court
Jul 14 Filmmaker on RSR on Friday's Red Sea Miracle Pt 2 Premiere!
Jul 13 Euthyphro Ends while Hoping Schools Don't Reopen on Time
Jul 10 RSR's List of Things, Real Things, that are Not Physical
Jul 9 Theology Thursday: 1 Corinthians Pt. 7
Jul 8 Euthyphro on the Fake News Ignoring Falling COVID Deaths
Jul 7 Bevelyn of Chaz; Bevelyn of Edmee fame; Bevelyn of Ken & Joe fame
Jul 6 Euthyphro on Tearing Down any Pyramid built with Slave Labor
Jul 3 Update on Zealandia, the Stunning WWB Discovery of an 8th Continent
Jul 2 Theology Thursday: 1 Corinthians Pt. 6
Jul 1 D.A. Euthyphro on Resisting-Arrest Thug who Murdered a Tulsa Cop
June 2020
Date Title
Jun 30 Liberal Fails: # of Kidneys, Virus Spikes, & Euthyphro
Jun 29 Told You SO!
Jun 26 RSR: Microbiologist Kevin Anderson on Epigenetics
Jun 25 ThThurs: 1 Samuel Pt. 8
Jun 24 Christian Reply to Euthyphro's Dilemma in a 2020 Radio Series
Jun 23 "Don't Ask WHY!" about sin and liberalism, i.e., don't be boring.
Jun 22 Black Celebrities: NO U.S. systemic racism
Jun 19 RSR's Software Invention: The Omniscient Display.exe
Jun 18 ThThurs: 1 Samuel Pt. 7
Jun 17 Hispanic Gal in Studio Talks Racism Among Hispanics
Jun 16 Roberts & Gorsuch Prove Republican Judicial Crisis
Jun 15 Shocking U.S. Race-on-Race Murder Chart
Jun 12 Real Science Radio on Race and Black Racism
Jun 10 Yes, Rampant U.S. Racism is Systemic! Among Blacks That Is.
Jun 9 The Guy Who Put Two Words Together: Open & Theism!
Jun 8 Real Science Radio/Crawford COVID-19 Update II with Dr. Behe
Jun 5 RSR on the Bible's Giants & the Nephilim Pt. 3
Jun 4 ThThurs: The Gospel of John Pt. 12
Jun 3 Black lives matter to the police not to Black Lives Matter
Jun 2 Officer can't find Floyd's pulse; Det. Kevin Hill Convicts
Jun 1 Rantes? Leronlimab? Dr. Patterson on Saving COVID Patients
May 2020
Date Title
May 29 RSR vs. the Giants vs. the Astros
May 28 ThThurs: The Gospel of John Pt. 11
May 27 A vigilante killing & the earliest TV free will debate Pt. 5
May 26 Earliest televised free will debate, now on radio Pt. 4
May 25 RSR's List of Shocked Evolutionists
May 22 1) The Bible's Giants 2) Ken Ham's Theology
May 21 ThThurs: The Gospel of John Pt. 10
May 20 Libs Flip Norma McCorvey So BEL Airs Never Heard Audio
May 19 Now Matt Slick Cross-Examines Will Duffy on Open Theism
May 18 Will Duffy's Opening Statement followed by BEL Comments
May 15 25 Ways the Shutdown Kills Pt. 2 (and our conspiracy list)
May 14 ThThurs: The Gospel of John Pt. 9
May 13 COVID Matters & the First Televised Calvinism Debate, Pt. 4
May 12 Paul from Hartsel calls in about who's right on COVID?
May 11 Earliest televised free will debate, now on radio Pt. 3
May 8 25 Ways the Shutdown Kills People
May 7 ThThurs: Revelation Pt. 8
May 6 Earliest televised free will debate, now on radio Pt. 2
May 5 Earliest televised free will debate, now on radio...
May 4 RSR's Stunning Report Pt 4: Ebola-Informed Government Quarantine Authority
May 1 RSR's Stellar Problems Pt. 3
April 2020
Date Title
Apr 30 ThThurs: Revelation Pt. 7
Apr 29 Flowers on 400 Years of Free Will, and White vs Wilson
Apr 28 RSR's Stunning Report Pt 3: Home Self Test & The Principles of Governance
Apr 27 RSR's Stunning Report Pt 2: List of Ways a Shut Down Kills People
Apr 24 RSR Star Formation Pt 2
Apr 23 ThThurs: Revelation Pt. 6
Apr 22 Finishing off the painfully fun Wilson/White Soteriology video
Apr 21 BEL Airs Ken Wilson's Reply to James White's Reply to Wilson's Reply...
Apr 20 RSR's Stunning Report: Why the Unprecedented Shut Down?
Apr 17 James Tour on RSR fighting 1) disease and 2) abiogenesis
Apr 16 ThThurs: 2 Corinthians Pt. 5
Apr 15 Stop the Tape Too! Finishing off Matt disagreeing with Dom
Apr 14 Ut oh! Hope that MMA guy ain't after me...
Apr 13 Some friends dying of COVID, other folks getting saved, & then there's Andrew...
Apr 10 Peter Gentry Finishes Off the Documentary Hypothesis Pt. 3
Apr 9 ThThurs: 2 Corinthians Pt. 4
Apr 8 Stop the Tape! Stop the Tape: Matt Walsh disagreeing with Dom Enyart
Apr 7 Audio from Biden, Matt Walsh, and... GROUCHO MARX? Huh?
Apr 6 Real Science Radio/Crawford COVID-19 Update II with Dr. Behe
Apr 6 Lawyer jokes, journalism jokes, and other sobering COVID updates
Apr 3 Ryan Mullins, Timelessness and God: Pt. 3
Apr 2 ThThurs: 1 Peter Pt. 4
Apr 1 BEL Shocker: Praising Trump's Interdiction, Bob Blasts Those Close To Him
March 2020
Date Title
Mar 31 Reading Headlines from Inside of Bob's Head
Mar 30 Real Science Radio COVID-19 Update from Crawford Broadcasting
Mar 30 Venting the BEL Studio on CBS News (and other hangups)
Mar 27 Dr. Peter Gentry on the Documentary Hypothesis Pt. 2
Mar 26 ThThurs: 1 Peter Pt. 3
Mar 25 In-Home Test Offered on BEL! (Beware: Near fake news title!)
Mar 24 Documentary Hypothesis Refuted by Cassuto, and here on RSR by Dr. Peter Gentry
Mar 23 Ryan Mullins, Timelessness and God: Pt. 2
Mar 20 RSR: A Biochemist on 2020's Mystery of Life's Origin
Mar 19 ThThurs: 1 Peter Pt. 2
Mar 18 BEL Helps the Heterosexual Kid who Confronted Charlie Kirk
Mar 17 Ryan Mullins: The End of the Timeless God, on RSR!
Mar 16 Buy. Buy. Buy. If You Can Buy Stock, Buy!
Mar 13 If the (14c) Data Doesn't Fit, Just Fix the Data
Mar 12 ThThurs: Leviticus Pt. 4
Mar 11 RSR Special Episode: One of those 30,000 public school teachers!
Mar 10 Homeschool Update with HSLDA Senior Counsel Mike Donnelly
Mar 9 Catch and Kill for Woody Allen; Catch and Release for Bob
Mar 6 RSR's List of Star Formation Problems
Mar 5 ThThurs: Leviticus Pt. 3
Mar 4 MSNBC's Chris Matthews Throws Bob Enyart a Softball
Mar 3 Bob Answers Qs Put to the WSJ, then Derails the Supreme Ct's Abortion Case
Mar 2 Demo Virus Helping Reelect Trump & Bob Asking You to Help BEL
February 2020
Date Title
Feb 28 Doug Axe on RSR on his Historic Discovery of Protein Structure
Feb 27 ThThurs: 2 Kings Pt. 3
Feb 26 Disassembling Dems Reminded Us of Rudder re Their Fate and Socialism
Feb 25 A detective and a rabbi email a pastor...
Feb 24 Weinstein to Jail; Cosby from jail,; OJ hot on the trail (on a golf course)
Feb 21 "If the people can do it the sheep can do it", Temple Grandin in Patterns
Feb 20 ThThurs: 2 Kings Pt. 2
Feb 19 Bob's first thoughts on the great Patterns: Red Sea Miracle
Feb 18 Tonight in theaters! But first, Tim Mahoney's here on RSR
Feb 17 Patterns Tomorrow in Theaters: Why We Need You There!
Feb 14 Mutiny in the RSR Studio
Feb 13 ThThurs: 1 Kings Pt. 4
Feb 12 Romney Eviscerated (along with Coulter) by Four Talk Hosts
Feb 11 Savior, Anti-Christ or... Neither?
Feb 10 The Lesser of Three Evils
Feb 7 RSR's Polys Pt. 3
Feb 6 ThThurs: 1 Kings Pt. 3
Feb 5 Trump: Every Baby Precious So Ban Late-Term Abortion
Feb 4 BEL's 60-minute Fix to Tally Iowa Caucus Results
Feb 3 KHOW's Ross Kaminsky: The Typhoid Mary of E.D.
January 2020
Date Title
Jan 31 RSR's Polys Pt. 2
Jan 30 ThThurs: Ruth Pt. 4
Jan 29 The coronavirus, its genome, and 3 little antibodies...
Jan 28 Auschwitz: Not Long Ago. Not Far Away.
Jan 27 Between the Covers: What's Inside a Children's Book with Deborah DeGroff
Jan 24 RSR's List of the Kinds of Polystrate Fossils
Jan 23 ThThurs: Ruth Pt. 3
Jan 22 Slow News Week Picks Up with Hoosier Amy -- The Real Deal!
Jan 21 Biblical Apologetic for America's Constitutional Monarcy Pt. 2
Jan 20 Biblical Apologetic for America's Constitutional Monarchy
Jan 17 Al Gore's inconvenient nemesis Gregory Wrightstone on RSR
Jan 16 ThThurs: Judges Pt. 4
Jan 15 The U.S. Constitution is Itself Unconstitutional
Jan 14 America’s Criminal Code
Jan 13 The Proposed Constitution of America
Jan 10 RSR Reduces the Uncertainty about Shannon Information
Jan 9 ThThurs: Judges Pt. 3
Jan 8 US Bases Bombed, Trump takes Victory Lap, Appropriately
Jan 7 United They Fall: Some Methodists Escape to Sanity
Jan 6 Soleimani and the Disease Underlying Trump Derangement Syndome
Jan 3 Reairing: The Most Informative Neanderthal Show Ever!
Jan 2 ThThurs: Joshua Pt. 4