2009 Archive

December 2009
Date Title
Dec 31 Tali-Ban: Strong Enough for a Camel...
Dec 30 Man on the Street Gets Signatures
Dec 29 Brian Enyart and the Duck
Dec 28 Another Terrorist to Execute
Dec 25 Rerun: Talking to Palin & Personhood MO
Dec 23 Obama + Romney = Mousey Tongue
Dec 22 7News: Bob on Health Care Abortion
Dec 21 Old Ladies
Dec 18 God's Social Safety Net
Dec 17 Gore Effect on Copenhagen Weather
Dec 16 Malec on New Mammogram Guidelines
Dec 15 Juda Myers for Texas Personhood!
Dec 14 Petition For Life Sunday
Dec 11 Rocky Mtn Creation Fellowship on Population
Dec 9 Talking to Palin & Personhood Missouri
Dec 4 Drudge Blows 2 Headlines in 2 Days
Dec 3 Phil Wolf: Where's the Birth Certificate?
Dec 2 California HLA Sponsor Walter Hoye
November 2009
Date Title
Nov 30 Just-a-System Spoils Thanksgiving
Nov 27 Global Cooling -- The BOOK!
Nov 26 Holidays and the Christmas Tree Pt. II
Nov 25 Holidays, Holiness, and the Christmas Tree
Nov 24 IA's Steve Deace on the Sarah Palin Profile
Nov 23 National Pro-Life Radio on the Palin Profile
Nov 20 To the Right of Right
Nov 19 Personhood: A Dividing Line
Nov 18 Bob Headed to Palin Protest in Indy
Nov 17 Palin's PAC Reacts to ProlifeProfiles
Nov 16 ProlifeProfiles Launches with Palin Book
Nov 13 RSR: Global Warming or Global Cooling :)
Nov 12 Veteran and Missionary Jacob Daniel DeShazer Pt. 2
Nov 11 Veteran and Missionary Jacob Daniel DeShazer
Nov 10 Our Personhood Ministry
Nov 9 Rerun: Law & Order Personhood Episode
Nov 6 Domestic Tranquility Shattered
Nov 5 Happy Birthday Personhood USA!
Nov 4 Judge This!
Nov 3 Extremists, Fanatics, Zeros, And Heroes
Nov 2 Drama Queens Repent!
October 2009
Date Title
Oct 30 PersonalFailure at ForeverInHell
Oct 29 Rerun - Girl Frozen for Four Years Alive Today
Oct 28 Rerun - False Prophets Rush Obama's Thesis
Oct 27 It's ONLY Make-Believe; L&O Angers Libs
Oct 26 Law & Order Personhood Episode!
Oct 23 False Prophets Rush Obama's Thesis
Oct 22 Blood-sucking Australian Land Leech
Oct 21 The Good, The Bad, The Flogging & Fines
Oct 20 Who's That Sleeping In The Corner?
Oct 19 Flogging Heeney Parents Sooner or Later
Oct 16 Robeson High vs Adam City vs Meghan
Oct 15 Rush, Rosie, Reggie Rivers
Oct 14 GOP Re-registers as Democratic Party
Oct 13 Superheroes Have Arrived in Denver
Oct 12 Abortion Photos Real, NY Times Fake
Oct 9 RSR: 500 of 1,000 Dinosaurs Go Poof
Oct 8 Hearst Corp Station Director's Sex Charge
Oct 7 Mike Courington -- Sex Act Charge for 40/29 News Director
Oct 6 Meet Teen Superheroes in Denver
Oct 5 Girl Frozen for Four Years Alive Today
Oct 2 RSR: Evo Devo -- Darwin's Other Shoe
Oct 1 Spokespigs Abound
September 2009
Date Title
Sep 30 Personhood "Too Big To Contain"
Sep 29 Film: Darwin's Dilemma- The Cambrian Explosion
Sep 28 California Personhood Amendment Launched
Sep 25 Chuck Swindoll's Sister Calls BEL
Sep 24 Keep Your Laws Off My Toilet Paper
Sep 23 Abdul I-Drool Mohammad Denies All
Sep 22 Iran to Cut Off Allah's Hand
Sep 21 Abdul I-Drool Mohammad
Sep 18 RSR: 2009 List of Not So Old Things
Sep 17 A Bible Verse for All Occasions
Sep 16 Today is the Day!
Sep 15 Reagan's 11th Commandment Repeals God's 10
Sep 14 Headlines Bob & Doug Style
Sep 11 RSR: Microbiologist Kevin Anderson in Studio
Sep 10 Obamacare to Pay for Abortion for Illegal Aliens
Sep 9 Will Recovers Stolen Credit Card
Sep 8 BEL Fires Canon Across the Bow
Sep 7 Meet Georgia Author Lee Martin!
Sep 4 Linda Lingle Allowed Back on Bus
Sep 3 Why Isn't He Dead Yet?
Sep 2 Would You Sell Your Pirated Songs?
Sep 1 Ted Kennedy Lost His Tether
August 2009
Date Title
Aug 31 What To Do in the Fall
Aug 28 Denver's Crime of the Century Pt. 5
Aug 27 Denver's Crime of the Century Pt. 4
Aug 26 Denver's Crime of the Century Pt. 3
Aug 25 Denver's Crime of the Century Pt. 2
Aug 24 Denver's Crime of the Century Pt. 1
Aug 21 Dutch prefer charter school restroom
Aug 20 Yesterday's Hannity Caller Now on BEL
Aug 19 Avi Lipkin on BEL about Islam
Aug 18 Left Behind Director van Heerden on BEL
Aug 17 Why are Term Limits a Waste?
Aug 14 RSR and Jurassic Park Paleontologist Jack Horner
Aug 13 Bob Blogs with Agnostic Santi Farella
Aug 12 RSR: Global Warming Shrinks Fish!
Aug 11 Alan Keyes on BEL on Obama's Birth
Aug 10 Republican Sworn in on U.S. Supreme Court
Aug 7 RSR: 2 Nervous Systems, 3-Day Gorge
Aug 6 Exodus Mandate in Studio
Aug 5 WND's Joseph Farah on BEL!
Aug 4 Now FBI Agents are Involved!
Aug 3 Suspend Obama With Pay
July 2009
Date Title
Jul 31 The OB-AMA Health Care Plan
Jul 30 Even His Birth Is Obama's Own Fault
Jul 29 Where Many Are Cold...
Jul 28 Does Everyone Agree with Bob?
Jul 27 The Gates of Hell
Jul 24 Hindu Prayer Interrupted
Jul 23 Ohio's Tom Raddell on BEL!
Jul 22 Stop Making Me into a Prophet
Jul 21 A Christian Education
Jul 20 Vegas: OSA & Personhood All In
Jul 17 Chet Gallagher: Live from Las Vegas!
Jul 16 Rerun: Personhood 2010
Jul 15 Rerun: BEL's MJ Memorial
Jul 14 Obama To Add One Cubit To Stature
Jul 13 Hearings Interruptus, Texting, and Peter Boyles
Jul 10 RSR: Chiropractor on Backbone Evolution
Jul 9 Military Intelligence Asset now with BEL
Jul 8 Low Inventory on Dyke Off
Jul 7 "Michael Jackson was a homosexual child molester."
Jul 6 The Berry and Bob are Back
Jul 2 Personhood 2010
Jul 1 Bob gets Coached PT. 2
June 2009
Date Title
Jun 30 Bob gets Coached
Jun 29 Why Fatherhood is Important
Jun 26 Lila Rose on BEL!
Jun 25 WKS Qs 19-28 & Michael Jackson Dies
Jun 24 Richard Nixon from the Grave
Jun 23 Obama 'Created or Saved' but NOT God
Jun 22 Two Christians on Iran's Islamic Turmoil
Jun 19 Bob's Wife vs. Safeway
Jun 18 Bob is Back!
Jun 17 Church/State Separation Successfully Challenged
Jun 16 Genesis in the Jailhouse
Jun 15 Bob Enyart Live in El Paso County Jail - Day 6
Jun 12 Marine Biologist Rob Carter on RSR
Jun 11 Bob Enyart Live in El Paso County Jail
Jun 10 Steve Deace Turns the Tables on Bob
Jun 9 Judge to Sentence Bob Enyart Tomorrow
Jun 8 ARTL's Vigilante Worksheet Qs 12-18
Jun 5 RSR: Fingers, Lobsters, Bubbles & Junk
Jun 4 ARTL's Vigilante Worksheet Qs 5-11
Jun 3 ARTL's Vigilante Worksheet Qs 1-4
Jun 2 The George Tiller Memorial
Jun 1 Abortionist Tiller's Murder in Perspective
May 2009
Date Title
May 29 Real Science Radio: Trillions Missing
May 28 Multnomah Student Stephen Harris
May 27 McBurney Accuses Enyart of Racism?
May 26 Ida Made a Monkey Out of Sierra
May 25 Rerun: Dobson Not Against Homosexual on Court
May 22 RSR: So, Who's Superstitious? Wal-Mart Shoppers and...
May 21 Christian Leaders Weak on Genesis
May 20 'Focus' Not Against Homosexual on Court
May 19 Darwin Was Wrong about the Tree of Life
May 18 Count Dracula's Notre Dame Speech
May 15 FINOs, RINOs, and Yo-Yos
May 14 Pelosi Accessory to Torture, Imagined & Real
May 13 California, Catrina, Collaborators and Captain Cirk
May 12 Fighting Irish, Catholics, and Protestants
May 11 Alan Keyes Direct from South Bend
May 8 RSR: Blue Planet & Butterfly, Peacocks, Crows & Cows
May 7 Jim from Denver Now Even More Upset
May 6 Rionna going undercover for the Gospel
May 5 Bob Enyart to Stand Trial on Friday
May 4 Father of Victim Thanks Oprah (for canceling show)
May 1 RSR: Multitasking Genes, Missing Years
April 2009
Date Title
Apr 30 Jim from Denver Upset about Katrina
Apr 29 Practice Bible Verses
Apr 28 Stein, Mason, Expelled, and the Caribbean
Apr 24 Two Saves - One Life, One Soul
Apr 23 Bob, Bolton & Republican Judge Korman
Apr 22 Doug Invites You to the BEL Open House
Apr 17 Abortionist Warren Hern on BEL
Apr 16 Hermeneutics! Bible Study Tools
Apr 15 Report from Denver's Tea Party
Apr 14 Report This Show to the Government
Apr 13 Cal Zastrow is SAVED!
Apr 10 MovieGuide's Ted Baehr on BEL
Apr 9 McBurney, Osteen, Stanek & Nurse Laura
Apr 8 Ann & Gay Day of Silence
Apr 7 Marilyn Musgrave on BEL & Romney
Apr 6 Rerun - What We Told Ward Churchill
Apr 3 Murder-Suicide Rush to Judgment
Apr 1 The 11th Commandment
March 2009
Date Title
Mar 31 What We Told Ward Churchill
Mar 30 The Ann Coulter Hang-Ups
Mar 27 Rerun - Real Science Radio Plant Dimmers
Mar 26 Rerun - List of Not-So-Old Ancient Things
Mar 25 Final: Jo 1, Enforcer 0
Mar 24 Massachusetts Catholic Hospitals Moral Crisis
Mar 23 Of Dolphins, Dogs and Homosexuals
Mar 20 The Entrapment of Jo
Mar 19 Obama Listens, Religious Leaders Don't
Mar 18 David Horowitz on Bob Enyart Live
Mar 17 America's Personhood March Now in SC
Mar 16 Obama BANS Embryo Research, by Accident
Mar 13 Interview With Les Riley of Personhood Mississippi
Mar 12 Republicans Deceive Christians
Mar 11 10 People Murdered in Alabama
Mar 10 Truth Truck Driver Ron Brock in Studio
Mar 9 John Mangopoulos Resurfaces (on BEL)
Mar 6 President Dan Becker of Georgia RTL
Mar 5 North Dakota Hero Rep. Dan Ruby
Mar 4 Montana Hero Senator Dan McGee
Mar 3 Fertility Clinic Kills Dark-Skin Kids, Etc.
Mar 2 God: Don't be partial to the poor
February 2009
Date Title
Feb 27 Liberals to stop using toilet paper
Feb 26 Montana In; South Dakota RTL Out
Feb 25 Winds of personhood blow in Idaho
Feb 24 The IRS vs. FOB Evangelist Bill Keller
Feb 23 BEL is Coming Back to TV in Denver!
Feb 20 Ann Coulter's Guilty, and Hangs Up
Feb 19 Nat'l Rifle & Nat'l RTL
Feb 18 Ray Comfort on BEL on Leading an Atheist to Evidence
Feb 17 3 0s - Omnibus Osama & Obama bin Biden
Feb 16 Nine Homosexuals Jailed for Peaceful Protest
Feb 13 Real Science Radio: Languages II
Feb 12 Maryland Rep. Don Dwyer Makes Pro-life History!
Feb 11 AIP's Tom Hoefling on BEL, Finally!
Feb 10 Pro-Life Dominican Tour de Force
Feb 9 Another Prison Worker for Abolition
Feb 6 The Origin of Language
Feb 5 Google Tracking "Abortion Bill" Gates
Feb 4 Secretary Chewy & Telethon at 4%
Feb 3 Ramsey's Back & Telethon at 3%
Feb 2 Phelps Pot o' Gold & the BEL Telethon
January 2009
Date Title
Jan 30 Brian Enyart, Scott Evans, and Tony Funderburk in Studio!
Jan 29 Rerun: Why Black America Should Doubt Obama
Jan 28 Rerun: Miller on BEL
Jan 27 Where’s Abdi?
Jan 26 Pelosi: More Kids Not Wanted Right Now
Jan 23 George W. Bush Abortion Legacy
Jan 22 Rerun: Amazing Grace author on BEL
Jan 21 Jo Scott with King's Kids Ministry
Jan 20 First Thing I'd Do as President
Jan 19 Doubletree Hotel Stops Homogroupsexuals
Jan 16 From Crayons To Condoms
Jan 15 The Hudson River Landing was not a Miracle
Jan 14 Karen Malec finally on BEL on ABC
Jan 13 Best-selling Eric Metaxas on BEL about William Willberforce
Jan 12 Nurse Maria Examines Wayne Besen
Jan 9 Rerun: Besen on Bob Enyart Live
Jan 8 Homosexuality: The sin and danger (with Wayne Besen)
Jan 7 Metro State Atheist Joel Guttormson on BEL
Jan 6 John Haskins on BEL
Jan 5 George Bush Lovin' on Barack Obama
Jan 2 Sherri Williams on So-Called Hard Cases
Jan 1 Time's Two Men of the Year: Adolf & Barack