Taking the KGOV Home COVID Test

Plot_Cover.jpgBob Enyart compliments Matt Walsh for hitting a grand slam by raising $100,000 to refurbish Altez' grandmother's home in Puerto Rico, and then he laments that Cheryl, Dominic, Bob, and everyone else who donated got their money back when Altez had GoFundMe cancel the fundraiser. And only because we were talking about Walsh, Bob then went back more than a year to Matt's day-after podcast about President Trump's European travel ban, and aired a couple minutes of his audio to demonstrate how to test a conservative public figure if any of them (not Matt) were to say, "I knew from the beginning that the covid was a scam." April 28, 2020 was the first time Bob presented this Trump European Travel Ban test of one's accuracy when claiming great early insightfulness about the covid.

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* Bob Unruh at WND: Bob Enyart appreciates the work of former AP reporter Bob Unruh who now writes for WorldNetDaily. He did find it peculiar however when Unruh described Iowa as a traditional values state with the examples of The Music Man and a character from M*A*S*H. The Music Man was a subtle but powerful anti morality-tale, mocking the parents who cared about their local librarian who "advocates dirty books" and who "gotta figure out a way to keep the young ones moral after school", the ones who cared about "Plymouth Rock and the Golden Rule!" For "all you folks are the right kind of parents" who don't want their kids listening to "shameless music". They're the antagonists to the protaganist con artist who tricks both the townsmen and the viewers, to prove that lies turn out fine as long as the liar has his own self interest in mind. And M*A*S*H of course more than almost any other Hollywood product helped to coarsen America's culture and gave millions of men the okay to think of and to treat women as just a piece of meat.