*Bob & Dom Enyart Make the Case Against Abortion Regulations

Graphic: Abolish don't regulate abortion: Stop writing "and then you can kill the baby" legislation*Today we present the return of a classic show.

Bob welcomes his son Dominic Enyart, who's just finishing up his youth hockey career, back into the studio to explain why regulating abortion is both immoral and counterproductive. They review the groundbreaking article at AmericanRTL.org/regs. The two then urge those in state to attend Colorado Right To Life's annual March for Abolition at the Planned Parenthood mega-killing center at 7155 E 38th Ave., Denver. at 10 a.m. this Saturday, Jan. 19, 2019.

* Ha: The bottom sign is only a single piece of painted steel. It's not a new second sign glued on top of an older one. That sign contradicted itself as conceived, layed out, painted, and posted. When BEL publicized this photo, the sign came down...

Arvada, Colorado parking regulations photo: Unrestricted parking; no overnight parking

And Arvada isn't the only Colorado municipality challenged by parking signs...

Cars parked for years behind a Denver "No Parking" sign also teach about rsr.org/entropy


Meme: If you say you're anti-abortion but not anti ALL abortions, then you're just picky about which children you think it's ok to murder. -Tom Hoefling


 And Golden, Colorado also understands that regulations authorize behavior:

Creek regulations authorize behavior, just as abortion regulations re-authorize child killing