2007 Archive

December 2007
Date Title
Dec 31 The Collaborator's Project launches tomorrow
Dec 28 If ARTL Brings Down Romney, Who Is Next
Dec 27 Media (and blog) Coverage for ARTL Action's First 527 Political Ad
Dec 26 Christmas Day Abortionist Home Visit!
Dec 24 ABC News & Fox Reporting on ARTL Action!
Dec 21 More Facts About Pro-Abort Mitt Romney
Dec 20 20071220-BEL252
Dec 19 20071219-BEL251
Dec 18 20071218-BEL250
Dec 17 Sub-contractor Quits, 7News and Fox31 Cover Protests
Dec 14 20071214-BEL248
Dec 13 We Launch P.E.W.S. Tomorrow, Will You Join Us?
Dec 12 20071212-BEL246
Dec 11 Peter Boyles Disputes BEL on NAZI Gun Confiscation
Dec 10 Colorado Shootings by __________
Dec 7 AlanKeyes.com AmericanRightToLife.org
Dec 6 Sign up at FamiliesAgainstPP.com
Dec 4 Colorado is Ground Zero In the Fight Against Abortion
Dec 3 Jo Scott Sits In, Sub Quits, Sarajo Visits Denver
November 2007
Date Title
Nov 30 Chicago's Joe Scheidler and Eric in Studio!
Nov 29 Michigan's Cal Zastrow in Studio
Nov 28 RSR & Comments on Under Construction Site
Nov 27 Romney, Thompson, Paul, and Tancredo
Nov 26 Do Your Top Issues Make God’s Top Ten?
Nov 23 Time Magazine announces American RTL!
Nov 22 Give Me that Old Thyme Religion
Nov 21 Biology 101: 23 + 23 = 1
Nov 20 Dedifferrentiation
Nov 19 Drudge Reports on Colorado's Personhood Effort
Nov 16 Nat'l Intelligence Deputy Director Quotes BEL
Nov 15 Subcontractor Summit in Bella Ethiopia
Nov 7 Pat Robertson Aborts Brain: Defends Forced Abortion
Nov 6 Enyart Debates KHOW's Dan Caplis
Nov 5 Hear Lolita Hanks on KHOW Radio
Nov 2 United Airlines Permit to Build Denver Abortion Clinic
Nov 1 Weitz Corporation Lying to Sub Contractors
October 2007
Date Title
Oct 31 LifeNews Fabricates Claim that Judges are Pro-life
Oct 30 Major Endorsement from Bob Dornan!
Oct 29 Focus II Film Festival Finalist!
Oct 26 Bob Enyart debates Moral Relativist Greg Koukl
Oct 25 CRTL VP Leslie Hanks Joins Bob in Studio
Oct 24 Pro-lifers Meet with Abortion Contractor Weitz
Oct 23 BEL Reporter: California Fires Not Judgment
Oct 22 Billion Dollar Weitz vs. A Silver Dollar
Oct 19 National RTL Says Time is Right . . . in 35 Years
Oct 18 Bob Debates Ron Paul Supporters
Oct 17 President of Baptist Seminary Endorses Focus II
Oct 16 Bob on Toledo's WPOS Pt. 2
Oct 15 Bob on Toledo's WPOS re: New Dobson Audio
Oct 12 Audio of James Dobson's pledge to God: Which he then broke
Oct 11 Bob vs Stu Epperson re Giuliani Pt 2
Oct 10 Bob vs Stu Epperson re Giuliani
Oct 9 National RTL's Coalition is Shrinking
Oct 8 Hear Bob's Talk from Branson, MO Bible Conference
Oct 5 Pro-Life Colorado's Jo Scott breaks into the studio
Oct 4 CRTL VP Leslie Hanks and Jo Scott Break Into Studio
Oct 3 TOL Webmasters Break Into Studio
Oct 2 TOL'ers Break Into Studio
Oct 1 Keith Mason Breaks Into Studio
September 2007
Date Title
Sep 28 Keyes in the Debate & Will on the Air
Sep 27 PBS Presidential Debate Tonight with Alan Keyes
Sep 26 Forgiveness and Pacifism Hurt Amish
Sep 25 Bob Hates It When His Predictions Come True
Sep 24 News Headlines, Banquet and Crime
Sep 21 Columbine Memorial Words Revealed
Sep 20 Kansas Att’y General Phill Kline on BEL
Sep 19 On Page One of the Chicago Tribune
Sep 18 Medical Advisor to Dr. Dobson on BEL Pt 2
Sep 17 Medical Advisor to Dr. Dobson on BEL
Sep 14 Chicago Tribune Talks to Bob on Planned Parenthood
Sep 13 Bob Debates Pro-Abort Peggy Loonan
Sep 12 Dr. Dobson Mentions Our Open Letters
Sep 11 BEL Highlights for the Year
Sep 10 Renowned Scientist Baumgardner on RSR
Sep 7 Real Science Fri: Denver Young Earth Conference
Sep 6 Judge Roy Moore Transcript and Excerpts
Sep 5 Laura Ingraham: Gay Marriage is Complex
Sep 4 One Year of BEL Accomplishments
August 2007
Date Title
Aug 31 Bob Interviews Anti-Public School Author Bruce Shortt
Aug 30 Houston Chronicles Forced Abortion After DeGette Enyartview
Aug 29 Focus on the Family says Equal Rights for Homosexuals
Aug 28 Colorado Springs Writer Cara DeGette Interviews Bob
Aug 27 Cara DeGette Interviews Bob
Aug 24 Soft-tissue T-Rex Makes the Journal
Aug 23 Former Focus Attorney on Legal Positivism
Aug 22 Colorado Right To Life Wins in Court
Aug 21 Bob with Museum Curator Otis Kline
Aug 20 Go Get Your Own Dirt
Aug 16 BEL on Abortion (and JRM condemning the PBA ruling)
Aug 15 Montana is Ground Zero for Dating Dinos
Aug 14 Short Rapists, Young Victims, and School Teachers
Aug 13 Bob Debates Author Gregory Flood, Round 2 Pt 3
Aug 10 Meet Maxime from Holland
Aug 9 Judge Roy Moore is a Hero... again
Aug 8 5 of 5 Professional Drivers Get Focus II
Aug 7 Punish Criminals Also for Unintended Harm
Aug 6 How Old Is Bob's Son Michael?
Aug 3 I will surf God -Michael Enyart
Aug 2 Bob Debates Author Gregory Flood, Round 2, Pt. 2
Aug 1 "I got what I deserved"
July 2007
Date Title
Jul 31 Bob Debates Author Gregory Flood, Round 2
Jul 30 The Personhood Wing Marches On
Jul 27 The BEL Weather Channel
Jul 26 Bob Enyart Interviews John Lofton
Jul 25 Short Rapists, Young Victims, and School Teachers
Jul 24 We Defend Animal Rights
Jul 23 Who is Dorothy Neville?
Jul 20 Rock for Life Condems PBA Ruling
Jul 19 Bob's Back from Alabama!
Jul 18 Colorado Right to Life Board Members Sit In
Jul 17 Bob Debates Author Gregory Flood Pt 2
Jul 16 Bob Debates Author Gregory Flood
Jul 13 Hindu Prayer Interrupted in US Senate
Jul 12 Rev. Fred Doubts God, Believes in Abortion
Jul 11 Former Republican Chairman on Compromise
Jul 10 Bob Enyart on Stu Epperson's Show Pt. 2
Jul 9 Washington Post: Junk DNA not Junk at All
Jul 6 Bob Enyart on Stu Epperson’s Show
Jul 5 Rev. Fred Doubts God, Believes in Abortion
Jul 3 Colorado's Human Life Amendment Leaders
Jul 2 Bob's 4-State Pro-Life Strategy Tour Debrief
June 2007
Date Title
Jun 29 Bob Enyart Interviews John Lofton Pt 2
Jun 28 Bob Enyart Interviews John Lofton
Jun 27 Bob Enyart Testify's at NRTL KC Convention
Jun 26 Open Letters aka "Epistles" are Biblical
Jun 25 Bob Accuses Caller of Lying
Jun 22 Hostility met with Hospitality at NRTL Convention
Jun 21 World Mag's Lynn Vincent Debates Bob - Pt 2
Jun 20 World Mag's Lynn Vincent Debates Bob
Jun 19 Unauthorized Recording from a Nat'l RTL Board Meeting
Jun 18 Hostility met with Hospitality at NRTL Convention
Jun 13 Dr Walt Brown on Evolution
Jun 12 KLTT Station Struck By Lightning, No Show Today
Jun 11 Bob Debates U.S. News & World Report Editor
Jun 8 Nebraska Farmer Publishes Open Letter in Hometown Newspaper
Jun 7 World Mag's False Reporting on PBA Ruling
Jun 6 LA Times on the Moral Bankruptcy of Pro-Life Industry
Jun 5 World's Oldest Graduate from a Pro-Life Family
Jun 4 Washington Post FRC Quote Is GOLD!
Jun 1 Atheist from ABC Debates Bob Enyart Pt 3
May 2007
Date Title
May 31 Mom from Bush's PBA Signing now on BEL
May 30 Former State Republican Chairman Thanks CRTL
May 29 Update on Leaders Condemning Ruling
May 25 The Heritage Foundation and Dr. Michael New
May 24 BEL Mailbag: Two Agree; Two Don't
May 23 Gazette Publishes Open Letter to Dobson
May 22 Live from the new Creation Museum!
May 18 Feminists Ignore the Plight of Islamic Women
May 17 Rerun: Reply to Focus and O.R. West's Troy Newman
May 16 Human Life International Signs Open Letter
May 15 Reply to Focus and O.R. West's Troy Newman
May 14 Christian Police Officer Cites Pro-Lifer Jo Scott
May 11 Real Science Radio: Creation Evangelism
May 10 Bob on Stu Epperson's Truth Talk Live Pt. 2
May 9 Bob on Stu Epperson's Truth Talk Live
May 8 There Goes the Neighborhood
May 7 Dobson's staff: "3rd trimester abortion banned!"
May 4 Does "Love Your Neighbor" Still Apply?
May 3 So Now What Do I Do?
May 2 The Colorado Statesman
May 1 The Word is Getting Out
April 2007
Date Title
Apr 30 Open Letter to Dr. Dobson (draft)
Apr 27 Summary of 40-page PBA Ruling
Apr 26 40 Years Event Debrief
Apr 24 Gonzales v. Carhart - Analyzed
Apr 23 Gonzales v. Carhart - Analysis
Apr 20 Years of Unbridled Murder: 8 & 15
Apr 19 Mona Charen on BEL
Apr 18 PBA BANNED! (Not One Baby Saved)
Apr 17 Alan Keyes on BEL
Apr 16 Virginia Tech Horror Explained
Apr 13 Rerun: Real Science Radio: Emails & Calls
Apr 12 When it Rains...
Apr 11 Morton's Salt
Apr 10 Rerun: Bob With ALL's Judy Brown
Apr 9 Curator of the Nicola Tesla Museum on RSR
Apr 6 The Atheists' Horizon Problem, the Geologic Column & Sickle Cell Anemia
Apr 5 Hitman Shoots Steve Curtis
Apr 4 Whistleblower Magazine's Managing Editor
Apr 3 Give Me Punk or Give Me Death
Apr 2 Anna Nicole Smith on BEL
March 2007
Date Title
Mar 30 RSR: Baraminology, Coulter's Godless, & Sloppy Darwin
Mar 29 Day Care or D'ay Don't Care
Mar 28 Bob with ALL's Judie Brown!
Mar 27 Bob Debates Atheist Reginald Finley Pt 2
Mar 26 Bob Debates Atheist Reginald Finley
Mar 23 Missing Supernova Remnants & Dentist on Neandertals
Mar 22 The Good Gore
Mar 21 Algore Waiting to Exhale
Mar 20 The Beautiful People are At It Again
Mar 19 Christians Taught Free Will for their First 300 Years
Mar 16 Joe Riccobono in Studio and Bob to Debate Atheist Reggie Finley
Mar 15 Board Member Whacks Critic (in love)
Mar 14 Join Us Tonight for Focus on the Strategy II!
Mar 13 Focus on the Strategy II and Some More Classic Clips
Mar 12 Reminiscing the Old BEL Television Show
Mar 9 Real Science Radio: Hugh Ross & Captain Zircon
Mar 8 Discovery: Missing Crust in Atlantic!
Mar 7 Facing the Giants
Mar 6 Quick, Stop the Launch!
Mar 5 Christians Have Opened Pandora's Box
Mar 2 RSR: Bristlecone Tree Rings and a Young Earth
Mar 1 Would National Right to Life Support Giuliani?
February 2007
Date Title
Feb 28 End Times Prophet Al Gore Backslides
Feb 27 Whistleblower Magazine plugs CRTL!
Feb 26 Southern Baptist Slide
Feb 23 RSR: Big Bang Shadow Test, 30-Minute Split & Lucy
Feb 22 16th Day 94%! Good News from OH, IL & MI!
Feb 21 15th Day 93%! Good News from GA, AL, CA, OK & CO!
Feb 20 14th Day 83%! God v. Man in Politics & Doctrine
Feb 19 Suicide & The Cross
Feb 16 12th Day 67%! Nurse Maria Comes Out of the Closet
Feb 15 11th Day 65%! Two Influential BEL Listeners
Feb 14 10th Day 63%! The Public School Telethon Effect
Feb 13 Openness Debate, Senate Hearing Debrief, & 9th Day 59%!
Feb 12 Meet Pastor Gene Cook Prior to the Debate
Feb 9 Gary DeMar and Bob Enyart: 3 of 3
Feb 8 Gary DeMar and Bob Enyart: 2 of 3
Feb 7 Gary DeMar and Bob Enyart on Dispensationalism
Feb 6 4th Day: 43% ($10,850) of $25,000 Goal!
Feb 5 3rd Day: 37% ($9300) of $25,000 Goal!
Feb 2 2nd Day: 31% of $25,000 Telethon Goal!
Feb 1 1st Day: 25% of $25,000 Telethon Goal!
January 2007
Date Title
Jan 31 Colorado RTL Criticizes 'Operation Rescue'
Jan 30 Basic Training on the Death Penalty
Jan 29 It is WRONG to Get Mad at God
Jan 26 Bob Enyart Talks with Ryan Dobson
Jan 25 Calvary Chapel's Ed Taylor and Bob Enyart discuss open theism
Jan 24 Enyart is Deep in Colts' Territory
Jan 23 Christian Leaders Join the 4-H Club
Jan 22 Liberals Break Down Walls For Bestiality
Jan 19 Pastor Ed Taylor of Calvary Chapel Aurora
Jan 18 Making The Pledge with Brian Rohrbough
Jan 17 Will YOU Make this Vital Pledge?
Jan 16 Church and State: How It Should Work
Jan 15 On Another Show, Bob Gets Some to Agree
Jan 12 RSR: The Walt Brown Effect: Q&A
Jan 11 RSR: Walt on Where the Water Went
Jan 10 RSR: Walt Brown on the Grand Canyon
Jan 9 RSR with Walt Brown on the Fountains of the Great Deep
Jan 8 RSR: Dr. Walt Brown on Evolution
Jan 5 Supporter Tells of Sexually Manipulative Roy Masters
Jan 4 Escape from the Happy Cannibal
Jan 3 At the Name of Any Hinn, Every Knee...
Jan 2 What's Worse than an Indian Chess Player?
Jan 1 Rerun: Real Science Radio CRSQ (Conclusion)