420 for kgov.com/pot and for kgov.com/columbine

On April 20th we warn the potheads and point them to kgov.com/pot. And even more tragically, we remember the victims at Columbine High School and the broken government and its corruption that led to the mass murder. Bob Enyart reminds the audience that, prior to the massacre, parent Randy Brown brought the murderers' written list of who they planned to kill in the school to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department, and he met with the bomb squad to help them identify the kinds of explosive devices the deviants were making. Yet the sheriff's office quashed the search warrant application drawn up for the murderers' homes, never filing it with the court, and, worse, then lying to the public claiming that no one had ever reported the murderers to the department. That lie unraveled when a deputy leaked the search warrant application. See all this at kgov.com/columbine. Then Doug McBurney joins Bob Enyart celebrating a fabulous one-minute audio clip from Billy Graham talking about why people go to hell. And Bob makes news reporting that Denver Bible Church is about to file their covid restrictions case with the U.S. Supreme Court, as funded by Chicago's Thomas More Society. Please pray!

Today's Resource: Bob on Drugs

Caller, speak your mind..." It's Todd, a drug addict, desperate, lifeless, and out of money, who needs help. Did he call the right place? Bob suggests a government program. Well, not exactly! Learn what the Bible says about drugs, and watch Bob offer hope and solutions, through Jesus Christ.