2011 Archive

December 2011
Date Title
Dec 30 RSR: Perfect Camouflage of Color Blind Octopus
Dec 29 Bob Accused of Mis-applying Scripture
Dec 28 Mason & Deace Talk with Gingrich, Bachmann, Santorum, & Perry
Dec 27 Personhood USA Questions Ron Paul's Commitment
Dec 26 Rerun: The Astronomical Star of Bethlehem
Dec 23 RSR: Stretch Cosmology
Dec 22 When Moral Consistency is Good or Bad
Dec 21 Enyart replies to Ron Paul's Christian Facebook supporters
Dec 20 Kim Jong-il? No, he's dead.
Dec 19 RSR: The Astronomical Star of Bethlehem
Dec 16 RSR: Plants Couldn't Evolve UV Protection
Dec 15 Bob's Gambling Picks
Dec 14 Bachmann, Santorum & Gingrich Sign Pledge
Dec 13 Doug Tebows in Court
Dec 12 Bob and Doug Tivo Tebow
Dec 9 RSR: Black holes, vision, & mammoths
Dec 8 Laurie Roth for President
Dec 7 US Senate for Bestiality
Dec 6 Antisocial Networking Etiquette
Dec 5 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Dec 2 RSR: Bacteria Smarter than Fish
Dec 1 Jaden Discusses Personhood Misinformation
November 2011
Date Title
Nov 30 RSR: Anti-Creationist AronRa vs. Bob Enyart Pt. 7
Nov 29 RSR: Anti-Creationist AronRa vs. Bob Enyart Pt. 6
Nov 28 RSR: Anti-Creationist Aron Ra vs. Bob Enyart Pt. 5
Nov 25 RSR's Fred Williams Weighs in on AronRa
Nov 24 What Does "I Struggle with Prayer" Often Mean?
Nov 23 Not Your Typical Thanksgiving Show
Nov 22 Christina for the Homeless
Nov 21 The Colorado 2012 Right To Life Amendment
Nov 18 RSR: Anti-Creationist AronRa vs. Bob Enyart Pt. 4
Nov 17 The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil
Nov 16 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Crime Report
Nov 15 RSR: Anti-Creationist AronRa vs. Bob Enyart Pt. 3
Nov 14 RSR: Anti-Creationist AronRa vs. Bob Enyart Pt. 2
Nov 11 RSR: Aron Ra YouTube Star Debates a Creationist
Nov 10 The BloodWorker Network
Nov 9 Haley Barbour Legacy: Vote No on Life
Nov 8 The Economics of Personhood
Nov 7 Victory Crashed Down On Their Heads
Nov 4 Alleged: The Scopes Monkey Trial Movie
Nov 3 We Ask A Population Expert About Our 7 Billion People
Nov 2 "Courageous" Actor Ken Bevel & Mississippi Update
Nov 1 Bob's Wife Cheryl Calls in from Mississippi
October 2011
Date Title
Oct 31 Mississippi Reports on Personhood Election
Oct 28 RSR: Ten Universities & Institutes Confirm Dino Tissue
Oct 27 Police Officer Shares His Faith with Criminals
Oct 26 Ray Comfort on BEL about "180" The Movie
Oct 25 Pepsi Eats Their Young
Oct 24 Cain, why is thy countenance fallen?
Oct 21 RSR Interviews ID Author Jonathan Witt Pt. 2
Oct 20 Pro-abort Kathleen Draws Straws, Gets Bob
Oct 19 Pro-abort Fred Draws Straws, Gets Bob
Oct 18 What's a Euro Pat Pot Liberal To Do
Oct 17 Why Marijuana Should Be Illegal
Oct 14 Intelligent Design Uncensored Co-Author Jonathan Witt
Oct 13 Occupy Wall Street's Right to Happiness
Oct 12 God Gives Waiver to States
Oct 11 BEL Listeners Coming Through
Oct 10 Alan Keyes' Personhood Speech at Colorado RTL
Oct 7 RSR: Bees Think Faster than a Super Computer!
Oct 6 Bob Talks to Marty the Pagan Pt. 2
Oct 5 Bob Talks to Marty the Pagan
Oct 4 Federal Banditos Running Guns
Oct 3 The Death Penalty Could Have Saved Amanda Knox
September 2011
Date Title
Sep 30 Flat Earth Society President Is a Darwinist
Sep 29 California Teacher Sneezes, Emits Evil Spirits
Sep 28 Bob & Doug on Pot
Sep 27 Matt Barber: Pedophiles Coming Out of the Closet
Sep 26 Lose the Green Jobs; Win the Drug War
Sep 23 CERN Broke Light's Speed Limit? Nope!
Sep 22 UN Walkout; and Executions
Sep 21 Report from the U.N. on Palestine
Sep 20 World Atlas Not Smarter Than a 5th Grader
Sep 19 Understand the Bible's Details!
Sep 16 World Renowned Cornell Geneticist Rejects Darwin
Sep 15 Bankruptcy, Divorce & Wolf Blitzer's Dying Man
Sep 14 Kevin Swanson's Pre-Banquet Visit with BEL
Sep 13 Tom Tancredo Not at Liberty to Speak, but at CRTL
Sep 12 Rush & Rand Paul; Bob's Youngest Boys
Sep 9 RSR: Seat Belt Needed to Hear About DNA Replication
Sep 8 Personhood Beats ACLU in Court; Election is On!
Sep 7 Alan Keyes on BEL for the Colorado RTL Banquet
Sep 6 What to Do When a Criminal Attacks; and Europe
Sep 5 Moriah, Penalty, Matrix, Israel, Vegas, God, Exists, Eggs
Sep 2 Rodhocetus: Actual vs Imagined (see hind limb, below; etc.)
Sep 1 Bob, Barton, Beck, Coulter, Gregg, Howse & 6%
August 2011
Date Title
Aug 31 BEL Exposing the Cults
Aug 30 Denver Drug Store Wont Sell Abortifacients
Aug 29 Ryan Sorba on Ann Coulter Coming Out for Gays
Aug 26 RSR: Irene & Virginia: Hurricanes and Earthquakes
Aug 25 Steve Deace Goes National
Aug 24 Kerry Lee Morgan Debates Bob on States' Rights
Aug 23 RSR Earthquake Warning Policy ALERT
Aug 22 Ninth Circuit Nonsense from Reagan Judge
Aug 19 RSR: A Leading Telescope Designer in Studio
Aug 18 Bush: For Bulbs After He Was Against Them
Aug 17 Charles Stanley, Patrick Franklin, & BEL
Aug 16 You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up
Aug 15 Bob Can't Vouch for Coulter
Aug 12 RSR: Blue Whales Talk Across 2,000 Miles!
Aug 11 Max Hastings' Missing Compass on British Riots
Aug 10 Bob Calls Mike Rosen & Gov. Dick Lamm
Aug 9 Homosexuals Ran the NAZI Party
Aug 8 Amy Contrada Proves Romney Promotes Homosexuality
Aug 5 RSR: The Origin of Fish by Jerry Bergman
Aug 4 Draw Near to the Lord
Aug 3 Faith Healing Televangelists Exposed on BEL
Aug 2 Treating Homosexuals Differently at Home and Church
Aug 1 The Ashpoth Veneer
July 2011
Date Title
Jul 29 CRSQ's Paper: The Origin of Trees Pt. 2
Jul 28 Bloomberg Shames, God Reighns!
Jul 27 A Christian and a Muslim Talk about Jesus - II
Jul 26 The Secret Is Out (and it's on stage)
Jul 25 Punk Rocker Reports Back to BEL!
Jul 22 RSR: The Origin of Trees
Jul 21 Libs in Bowl, Bush Takes Bulbs
Jul 20 A Church of Christ Preacher on BEL Pt. 2
Jul 19 World Tour with Guabe Garcia-Jones
Jul 18 Superstition is No Joke!
Jul 15 RSR: Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
Jul 14 Doug Asks Bob the Big Three
Jul 13 Church of Christ Preacher Debates Bob on Wine
Jul 12 Stimulus: $top Wealth & Power to White People
Jul 11 Obama for Death Panels, Against Meal Deals
Jul 8 Why Does Math Work? Why are Fundamental Equations Beautiful?
Jul 7 Casey Anthony: Soulless Murderer by Phil Elmore
Jul 6 Casey Anthony Trial Exposes Justice System
Jul 5 Rerun: Palin's PAC Reacts to ProlifeProfiles
Jul 4 Rerun: Dolphins, Dogs, and Homosexuals
Jul 1 RSR: The Best Astronomy Video Ever Made
June 2011
Date Title
Jun 30 Xiu Mei Wei Deserves Asylum
Jun 29 Wine, Alcohol, and Scripture
Jun 28 Bullfrogs, Butterflies, and Eternal Life
Jun 27 Newt worse than Bill, Mitt worse than BO
Jun 24 Christianity Today's Search for the Historical Adam
Jun 23 The Real Christian Conspiracy
Jun 22 Dan Caplis Won't Vote for Romney If...
Jun 21 Worst Romney Fundraiser Ever
Jun 20 Pro-lifers Opposing Romney Everywhere
Jun 17 Preview of the Christianity Today Article on Adam
Jun 16 Gregg Jackson interviews Gary Glenn Pt. 2
Jun 15 DC Real Estate UP, Kevorkian Down
Jun 14 Ken and Jo Face to Face with FACE
Jun 13 Another BEL Prediction Almost Fulfilled :(
Jun 10 Baraminologist Dr. Roger Sanders on RSR
Jun 9 Gregg Jackson interviews Gary Glenn
Jun 8 Using Boston Radio & the Huffington Post
Jun 7 WND Column: Focus on the Family Faulted
Jun 6 Punk Rocker and a Christian Reality Show
Jun 3 Which technologies needed Darwin or an old earth?
Jun 2 U.S. Sues Ken & Jo Scott; She Gets 270 Days
Jun 1 Now it's Jo Scott who's Out of Time
May 2011
Date Title
May 31 The Bible Proves that God is IN TIME
May 30 Rerun: David Horowitz on BEL
May 27 RSR: The Origin of Fingerprints
May 26 A Christian and a Muslim Talk about Jesus - I
May 25 Why Do Tornados and Suffering Occur?
May 24 The Joplin, Missouri Tornado was Not Judgment
May 23 Reasons Number 621 and 622
May 20 In Case the Rapture Doesn't Happen Tomorrow
May 19 Esther: True Story of a Heroic Woman
May 18 We are the Body, Israel is the Bride
May 17 Are we the Body AND the Bride? Pt 2
May 16 Are we both the Body AND the Bride?
May 13 RSR: Plants Know Up from Down
May 12 Should Christians Keep the Sabbath?
May 11 When ya gotta go, it's your time to go
May 10 Johnson & Johnson Ups Cancer Risk 44%
May 9 Georgia RTL President on "Personhood"
May 6 RSR: Now Soft Tissue from a Mosasaur!
May 5 A Muslim from Chicago Talks to Bob Pt. 5
May 4 A Muslim from Chicago Talks to Bob Pt. 4
May 3 A Muslim from Chicago Talks to Bob Pt. 3
May 2 For Sale: 72 Virgins, Like New
April 2011
Date Title
Apr 29 RSR: Faster in Air than on Sand
Apr 28 Bob Acknowledges his Error on Obama Birth
Apr 27 Pepsi: Aborted Baby Cells in Drink Research
Apr 26 Why Hell is Forever
Apr 25 Sesame Street Then and Still
Apr 22 Clarence Darrow ACLU OK with Obama as Closer to Ape
Apr 21 A Muslim from Chicago Talks to Bob Pt. 2
Apr 20 A Muslim from Chicago Talks to Bob Pt. 1
Apr 18 Titus, Spring Spheres and Eye Roll Radio
Apr 15 RSR: What Museums Aren't Showing You
Apr 14 How Much Time Passed Before the Fall?
Apr 13 Trump is a Lying Child Killer
Apr 12 ARTL's Under the Radar Team Surfaces
Apr 11 Last Minute Vote Keeps PP Doors Open
Apr 8 RSR: Spiders & Termites & Magnets
Apr 7 The Deity of Christ: Another Approach
Apr 6 Join Mark Aughenbaugh Sat at Noon
Apr 5 Jo Scott's Conviction
Apr 4 Jurors Give Failing Grade to the "System"
Apr 1 RSR: Now Biological Material from Archaeopteryx
March 2011
Date Title
Mar 31 Media Happy Obama Prays (5x daily?)
Mar 30 Cashill, Donald, a Ghost, and a Disaster
Mar 29 Iowa's State Rep. Tom Shaw on BEL
Mar 28 CRTL Forces Pull of Waller's Pro-Abort Bill
Mar 25 RSR: Human & Dino Footprints are Real
Mar 24 Victoria Jackson Leads Glee Exodus
Mar 23 Obama Supporting Libyan Tea Party
Mar 22 Just War Theory on BEL
Mar 21 CRTL Kills Anti-Life Fetal Homicide Bill
Mar 18 RSR Week: Exposing a False Claim of Finding Noah's Ark
Mar 17 RSR: Planet Formation Theory Decimated
Mar 16 RSR Week: The Pre-Flood World
Mar 15 RSR Week: Don't Blink
Mar 14 Real Science Radio Week: Old Shrimp
Mar 11 RSR: Origin of Limestone with Walt Brown
Mar 10 Pro-Family Giants not so Pro Family Pt. 2
Mar 9 "Stump the Professor" Fred Ebert Rejects Debate Offer
Mar 8 Uncivil Unions and Mike Pence
Mar 7 Jack Cashill on Obama's Terrorist Ghost
Mar 4 NIH: 100 Million Years to Change a Binding Site
Mar 3 Pro-Family Giants not so Pro Family
Mar 2 Personhood Data Czar Drew Hymer
Mar 1 Sin in the (Christian Music) Camp
February 2011
Date Title
Feb 28 BEL, FBI, & Green Berets in Negligees
Feb 25 RSR: Where's that Blue Star Assembly Line?
Feb 23 The Black Church is Beginning to Shake
Feb 22 FreeRepublic.com Goes Bi on Palin
Feb 21 Liberian Baby Saved & Focus' Jim Daly
Feb 18 RSR: Assemblies of God Going Soft
Feb 17 Holick on BEL about CNN Attacking Him
Feb 16 Mark Waller's 16pgs or CRTL's One Sentence
Feb 15 Lila Stigmatizes While Focus Legitimizes
Feb 14 Exclusive: TSA Worse than Prison Pat Down
Feb 11 2011's List of Not So Old Things Pt. 2
Feb 10 A Denver Pastor New to the Fight for Life
Feb 9 Getting to the Root of the Matter
Feb 8 Reason #637 to Escape Public School
Feb 7 Conservative Media Warns of Conservative Failure
Feb 4 RSR: 2011's List of Not So Old Things
Feb 3 Atheist Staks Rosh on BEL Pt. 2
Feb 2 Sexually Corrupt Evangelist Mike Murdock - Pt. 2
Feb 1 Evangelist Mike Murdock Out of the Closet
January 2011
Date Title
Jan 31 Iowa RTL Director Agrees with ARTL
Jan 28 Judge Roy Moore with Gregg Jackson Pt. 2
Jan 27 Judge Roy Moore with Gregg Jackson
Jan 26 Hawaii Gov's Friend Outs the Truth
Jan 25 Visualize a Convicted Philly Abortionist
Jan 24 psst... heard about the next...
Jan 21 Onward Christian Soldiers, Marching...
Jan 20 2nd Half of 2 Corinthians 2
Jan 19 Nephew David Enyart on BEL
Jan 18 Frayser in 2nd Place Behind Adams City High
Jan 17 Join Bob, Jo, Gregg & Kelly on Friday
Jan 14 RSR: Laws Say, They Don't Do
Jan 13 First Half of 2nd Corinthians 2
Jan 12 Atheist Staks Rosch on BEL
Jan 11 Even the word Pharaoh is from the Bible
Jan 10 Bob Enyart Reports for Jury Duty
Jan 6 Rerun: Bob with Michael Reagan
Jan 5 Patricia Leaves Msg, Asks for Money
Jan 4 1) Origin of "Pharaoh" 2) Baracktut Obamankhamun
Jan 3 Barack, Bush & Belief