2019 Archive

May 2019
Date Title
May 17 Now: Soft Tissue Deniers in Hot Water. June 2: Arvada's Age of the Earth Conference!
May 16 ThThurs: The Epistle to the Philippians Pt. 7
May 15 Magnitude 10 Earthquake Epicenter in Alabama State House
May 14 Heartbeat Bills and What Abby Knows and Doesn't Know
May 13 Deciphering Unintelligible Gibberish
May 10 The RSR Coal Prediction & The Pattern Made by Buried Fossils
May 9 ThThurs: Mark Pt 5
May 8 Denver Priest Molestation Scandal Breaks Wide Open (5/20/19)
May 7 Pulling for a Canadian Dad & Daughter, Brad & Menno Join Bob
May 6 Surviving the End
May 3 RSR's Fred Williams is back celebrating creationist advances
May 2 ThThurs: Mark Pt 4
May 1 So much news! So little time... and understanding.
April 2019
Date Title
Apr 30 How is America like Israel of Old?
Apr 29 Like Crime, a Sports Penalty includes Direct Consequences of Infraction
Apr 26 Flat Earth Circular Logic: The Hot New Documentary!
Apr 25 ThThurs: Genesis - Abraham & Isaac Pt 6
Apr 24 Like the Sharks, Woman in 27-year "vegetative" state wakes up!
Apr 23 The Anniversary. And the Day, the Pope, and Naming Names.
Apr 22 The Pope is Listening
Apr 19 RSR Answers the HPT CRUST Heat Problem: Final
Apr 18 ThThurs: Genesis - Abraham & Isaac Pt 5
Apr 17 Michael Behe RSR Interview Decades in the Making
Apr 16 From Congressional Testimony to Acting in Unplanned to BEL
Apr 15 Dr. Cone Unleashed (now that he's spoken at RMCF :)
Apr 12 RSR Answers the HPT CRUST Heat Problem
Apr 11 ThThurs: Genesis - Abraham & Isaac Pt 4
Apr 10 Hear Dr. Cone Here and Now and then on Friday at RMCF!
Apr 9 Ex-Muslim Pastor Arrested at the Islamic Mall of America
Apr 8 Bob's ICR Science and Healey Memorial Texas Trip Debrief
Apr 5 RSR Answers the HPT Atmosphere & Oceans Heat Problem
Apr 4 ThThurs: Hebrews Pt. 6
Apr 3 Ray Comfort on The Atheist Delusion on RSR
Apr 2 Bezos For Death Row 2019
Apr 1 Reviewing Unplanned and Abby, Maddow & Хиллари
March 2019
Date Title
Mar 29 RSR Answers the HPT Atmosphere Heat Problem
Mar 28 ThThurs: Hebrews Pt. 5
Mar 27 From our: Pot Never Hurt Anybody file...
Mar 26 Let's go to the movies to see Unplanned!
Mar 25 Prager, Medved, and Hewitt's Guilt in Parkland Suicides
Mar 22 RSR Answers the Hydroplate Theory Heat Problem
Mar 21 ThThurs: Nehemiah Pt. 4
Mar 20 UK Mom Facing Jail Over Trannie Pronoun
Mar 19 Midwest BEL Listeners: Patterns of Evidence is EXCEPTIONAL!!!
Mar 18 Home of the Brave?
Mar 15 Tim Mahoney on BEL on the Origin of the Alphabet
Mar 14 ThThurs: Nehemiah Pt. 3
Mar 13 FNC: Fake News Channel's Fake NASA Claim
Mar 12 Tim on BEL; Bob to Alabama!
Mar 11 We'll give Dave from Greeley a half hour to cut that out...
Mar 8 Archaeologist Titus Kennedy on the New Testament on RSR!
Mar 7 ThThurs: Ezra Pt. 4
Mar 6 #MeToo Movement Gives Pass to the Many Abortionists Raping Women
Mar 5 With BEL friend Tom Healey passing away, please enjoy this BEL Classic!
Mar 4 Homosexual child molester Michael Jackson is guilty, and so are all his fans
Mar 1 FNC: Fake News Channel's Fake NASA Claim
February 2019
Date Title
Feb 28 ThThurs: Ezra Pt. 3
Feb 27 Out with the Old, In with the New :)
Feb 26 Fake, Fantasy & Far Out
Feb 25 Dying (and Killing) to Feel Good
Feb 22 Ice in the North, the South, in Smollett and New York
Feb 21 ThThurs: Acts of the Apostles Pt. 19
Feb 20 Tim Mahoney Coming to BEL; Bob Enyart Going to Alabama!
Feb 19 Pastor Bob Hill, Bob's mentor, now home with the Lord
Feb 18 Socially Transmitted Diseases
Feb 15 RSR's List of Scientists Doubting Darwin
Feb 14 ThThurs: Acts of the Apostles Pt. 19
Feb 13 Now charge Smollett with a hate crime
Feb 12 Dear Norris (that's his first name)
Feb 11 A View from the Edge of the Cliff
Feb 8 RSR's List of Transient Lunar Phenomena (updated)
Feb 7 ThThurs: Acts of the Apostles Pt. 18
Feb 6 Trumps' SOTU: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Feb 5 If you think 0 + 0 = everything, you'll be wrong on a lotta stuff
Feb 4 The Blackface Coverup
Feb 1 Earth's "oldest" rock found WHERE? (and other affirmations)
January 2019
Date Title
Jan 31 ThThurs: Acts of the Apostles Pt. 17
Jan 30 Bob Interviews Dad Who Received Call Daughter Was Kidnapped
Jan 29 Bob's Inbox Proof that We're Right and They're Wrong. Check.
Jan 28 Predicting The Criminal Society
Jan 25 Quantum biology: Our seemingly impossible sense of smell
Jan 24 ThThurs: Acts of the Apostles Pt. 16
Jan 23 Rights -- Plants gaining; Ontario doctors losing
Jan 22 The Negative Effects of Marijuana 2019
Jan 21 I’d Rather be Choked Than Woked!
Jan 18 Top Mathematicians: Ants & Bees, Mold & Amoebas
Jan 17 ThThurs: Acts of the Apostles Pt 15
Jan 16 Bob & Dom Enyart Make the Case Against Abortion Regulations
Jan 15 The Sequel's Here! Patterns: The Moses Controversy
Jan 14 KGOV's List of Gay Mass Murderers
Jan 11 RSR & Nathan from Georgia on Creation and Evolution
Jan 10 ThThurs: Acts of the Apostles Pt 14
Jan 9 Who's Faster? Greg Abbott or an Amoeba?
Jan 8 Press Release: TX Gov Must Keep Abolition Promise to Dying Teen
Jan 7 How C.S. Lewis and His Family Lost their Faith
Jan 4 14-year-old Nathan from Georgia calls RSR
Jan 3 ThThurs: Acts of the Apostles Pt 13
Jan 2 Victory Church Vindicated re Dylan Walborn
Jan 1 Dr. Burke: Dylan Is the First Boy Starved to Death...