Where Many Are Cold...

* No, this is not a global warming show: Regardless of the 3,000 low temperature records set this July in America, and regardless of Chicago's coldest July in 67 years with an average temperature of only 68 degrees, still, today's show is NOT about global warming. And no, even though BEL is a religious program, today's show is not about the end-of-the-world doomsday fundamentalist global warming prophets like Algore, Sir David Attenborough, and Prince Albert Innacan. Instead, Christian activist Jo Scott and twenty of her closest friends crashed a homosexual church service at the Vegas Metropolitan Community Church where many are cold and a few are frozen. Now the enduring mystery can be answered: Do homosexuals sing with a lisp? As it turns out, when 'gays' sing, they drop their phony homosexual lisp. Huh! What happens in Vegas gets exposed in Vegas. After all, there's a new King in town! And Jo talked about their abortionist home visit and discussion with Mrs. Frank Silver who has never asked her husband abortionist how late in gestation he kills the unborn and who said she couldn't care less about her neighbors because she doesn't know them and they don't know her. Meanwhile, Ann Coulter joins the frenzied left in mocking CNN's Lou Dobbs who said that Barack Obama should just produce his birth certificate. And the Hawaiian mom who gave birth to twins the day after Barack's alleged Honolulu birth displays her kids' sequentially-numbered birth certificates, with numbers just lower than Obama's.

* Favor from the Lord in Vegas: Bob and Jo Scott talk about the surprising kindness and support in Las Vegas for Christian pro-lifer activists came from the LV police department! Why? Scripture speaks of the blessings and favor that can flow from faithfulness to God. Twenty years ago, officer Chet Gallagher refused to arrest Christians rescuing unborn children from dismemberment at a Las Vegas abortion clinic. He disobeyed a direct order from his superior, and instead, joined the pro-lifers to save innocent life, and was fired in the process! Chet honored God and protected the innocent, and now, twenty years later, God is still blessing Chet Gallagher with respect from law-enforcement officers and with the lives of people turning to Jesus Christ! Chet's life is a vivid example of the blessing that comes from honoring God!

Today’s Resource: Enjoy listening to Bob Enyart’s Bible study on miracles and healing titled Details Galore! Did you realize that men often react negatively to displays of God’s power? The ten plagues in Egypt, the forty years of miracles in the wilderness, and Christ’s wonders in Chorazin, Bethsaida, and Capernaum all left onlookers in a state of unbelief. Bob's study on CD, Details Galore, analyzes the scriptural material on this aspect of human behavior by evaluating every single miracle listed in the Bible! Also, you can read this same analysis in Bob’s life’s work, the best-selling book, The Plot!