Karen Malec finally on BEL on ABC

* World Magazine Reports on Abortion & Breast Cancer: World Magazine quotes Karen Malec of AbortionBreastCancer.com in this week's article describing an increased risk to women of developing breast cancer if they have had an abortion. 26 out of 32 studies by mainstream (primarily pro-choice) universities and researchers have reported an A-B-C link, between Abortion and Breast Cancer.

Karen explained the three links between abortion and breast cancer:
1. Loss of Protection: widely admitted that full-term birth decreases risk
2. Increased Premature Birth: abortion leads to future premature births which increase risk
3. Independent Link: denied by pro-abortion researchers, pregnancy produces estrogen which has a carcinogenic effect on non-differentiated mammary cells left vulnerable by abortion.

* World Magazine May Have Misled Women: reporter Allisa Harris sadly gave the pro-abortion Komen foundation the last word on the ABC link saying that, "In 2003, 100 experts from the National Cancer Institute concluded there was no link..." However BEL friend, Professor Joel Brind, PhD endocrinologist from Baruch College in New York City was one of those "100 experts" attending that meeting, and Dr. Brind stated that, "the 2003 conference of the National Cancer Institute which denied abortion as a risk factor for breast cancer refused to allow attending scientists to present the opposing position of the scientific research establishing the link, showing that abortion was declassified as a cancer risk for political and not scientific reasons." Malec added that videotape of the 3-day conference shows that the NCI never did evaluate the decades of available research as they claimed they would! And Brind has pointed out, "The NCI's own statistics show that breast cancer has increased, and only in women who were of child-bearing age when abortion was legalized in 1973, so much so that nationally, cancer would have steadily declined, except it has held steady at the expense of women getting breast cancer."

Please consider (if you're reading this before April of 2009):
- contact World Magazine;
- thank them for alerting women to the abortion/breast cancer link;
- ask them to invite Dr. Joel Brind of Baruch College to write an article describing the risk.
Call World Magazine at 828 232-5415 or fax them at 828 253-1556 or email them at Mailbag@Worldmag.com.

* Colorado RTL V.P. Leslie Hanks: meet with Komen officials and later put this education effort into perspective, "Even if abortion proved beneficial to a woman's health," said Hanks, "government should still prohibit the killing of an innocent human being, because abortion is always wrong."

Post-show notes:
* Wyoming: Search Karen's website to see that women in Wyoming have the lowest abortion rate and, as therefore expected, the lowest breast cancer rate.

* World Magazine's Previous False Rporting
- Remember that Bob debated World magazine reporter Lynn Vincent for misleading readers into believing the brutal Gonzales v. Carhart decision was a pro-life ruling when in reality the Supreme Court described various ways to "legally" kill a late-term baby including by a partial-birth abortion to the navel, and depending upon the abortionist's intent, even by a textbook PBA.
- World's publisher Joel Belz and Steve Ertelt of LifeNews.com published the blatantly false report that President Bush nominated 20 pro-life judges, a completely fabricated characterization of those judges. Belz and Ertelt both personally refused to print a correction, determined to deceive his readers rather than correct the record.

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