Fighting Irish, Catholics, and Protestants

* The Notre Dame Response - Official Video: Listen to or watch the quality video produced by Notre Dame students in opposition to Barack Obama' impending visit. Bob Enyart also discusses the Protestant and Catholic pro-lifers who oppose working with one another.

* Collaborators Project Pending ND Designation: For their plan to honor Barack Obama, the leading pro-abortion advocate in America, the Collaborators Project is considering designating Notre Dame with Permanent Collaborator Status (PCS). If the university does not rescind their Obama invitation to deliver their commencement address on Sunday, May 17, 2009, the CP will designate Notre Dame with PCS. This would be only the second time in its history that the Collaborators Project has issued such a designation. If this occurs, the Collaborators Project will ask Indiana and Michigan pro-lifers to add Notre Dame to their ongoing anti-abortion protest itinerary.

Now has just published a story on this Collaborators Project warning. Developing...

* Indian Man Doesn't Wash for 35 Years: thinks this will help him father a son.

* Neo-Nazis (aka socialist Darwinist racists): attack survivors of Mauthausen concentration camp shooting them will air gun pellets and screaming "Heil Hitler" and "This way to the gas."

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