Phil Wolf: Where's the Birth Certificate?

* Birth Certificate Billboard on Denver's I-70: Auto dealer Phil Wolf joins Bob Enyart in studio on Denver's 50,000-watt AM 670 KLTT to talk about the Obama eligibility billboard he put up for 300,000 commuters a day who pass by one of his auto dealerships. The Denver Post print headline was, "In big type, doubts about Obama." That original story, updated and online, is now titled, "President or Jihad?" billboard in Wheat Ridge sparks boycott, threats." And check out the great photos of Phil and his billboard and beware of the beautiful people and their death threats, from the liberals who advocate free speech, tolerance, respect for all opinions, and diversity!

* Cal Zastrow On the Road: Personhood USA co-founder Cal Zastrow is headed to Mississippi for their pro-life petition drive and then he's heading to Colorado for our own Personhood dinner with California personhood amendment sponsor Walter Hoye! So, if you're in or near the state of Colorado on Sunday, come on out to support the 2010 personhood amendment signature drive, and meet Cal and the extraordinary Walter Hoye!

CORRECTION FROM BEL: Obama did not joke and laugh for 3 minutes before he addressed the Ft. Hood murders, as I had wrongly stated on the air. He spoke lightheartedly for two minutes about an unrelated event as much of the nation tuned in to hear his words hours after the horrific murders committed by an Islamic extremist who shouted Allah Akbar before killing thirteen of our soldiers at a U.S. army base. He gave a "shout out" to Joe Medicine Crow (whom Obama then wrongly described as a Congressional Medal of Honor winner, which is the highest award a member of the military can receive, whereas it's not likely that Joe Crow has ever even been in the service). As I described, my family had tuned in (along with my son Josiah who has been told his Army National Guard unit may be deployed to Afghanistan) to hear Obama's statement about the Fort Hood murders, and we watched in disbelief as he trivialized the event. Josiah said, "What more proof do we need that Obama despises the military?" (Like his apologist MSNBC's Chris Matthews who I've watched for a decade and who I've been in studio with, while talking about the Obama Surge speech, described the West Point cadets as "maybe the enemy camp," with a later apology that suggested that the cadets themselves and their officers may be as dovish as Obama. ?) So I recollected Obama's two minutes wrongly. He was not joking and laughing. After the Columbine murders of twelve students and a teacher, the Governor of Colorado addressed the state. If he had spent two minutes giving trivial comments about some routine state event at the capitol that day before recognizing the horror of the day, he would have been a fool. That man was not a godly leader, but that day, he was not a fool either. Thank you TOL's WizardofOz for the correction. -Bob Enyart

* Walter Hoye Coming to Colorado! Big news! The sponsor of the California Personhood Amendment, Pastor Walter Hoye, is coming to Colorado to speak at the Dec. 6th dinner (at the fabulous Cinzetti's Italian Restaurant) to support Colorado's 2010 Personhood signature drive! It's $75 per adult so please come to hear one of Bob Enyart's heroes, Walter Hoye, and to support Guabe Garcia Jones and Leslie Hanks, the hard-working co-sponsors of the amendment, in their effort to raise much needed funds to pay for more blank petitions, mailings, and everything needed to activate another 300 petition circulators!

* Help Personhood Efforts Get Signatures: If you live in Colorado, could you help circulate the Personhood Colorado & CRTL 2010 petition? We need your help! If you live in any other state, can you help to advance personhood via the 2010 ballot or in one of three different ways?The Cooling by Lowell Ponte

* Check Out:!

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