George W. Bush Abortion Legacy

* Bush directly killed 111,801 unborn children: Hear Los Angeles radio host Gregg Jackson interviewing Bob Enyart to correct the record about President Bush put out by the pro-life industry that praised his abortion record. Bob uses the extraordinary and indisputable prolife profile list from American RTL of all the pro-abortion actions publicly committed by the former president to demonstrate that contrary to popular claims, Bush has had a significant pro-abortion influence.

* ARTL's prolife profile of GWB:

- By his so-called "exceptions" while in office George W. Bush directly supported killing 111,801 unborn children
- Bush opposed South Dakota's 2006 total abortion ban; because as he told ABC News he supports killing some kids
- In 2008, South Dakota added enough exceptions to fill a school bus, yet Bush still failed to support it
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* Bob Enyart Countered Fred ARTL's prolife profile of GWB: Barack Obama killed twenty Pakistanis today dropping bombs from an unmanned aerial drone on suspected terrorists. Fred Barnes predicted Obama would Fairness Doctrine, he'd pull out of Iraq implying that Obama would abandon the war on terror. In November Bob predicted that Barnes' claims would fail, and also that while Barack Obama is a child killer, such fear mongering by political hacks like Fred Barnes is designed to scare Christians into voting for a Republican pro-abort.

Post-show note:

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