Keep Your Laws Off My Toilet Paper

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* Headlines with Bob Enyart & Doug McBurney
- Abdul I-Drool Mohammad Charged: the Denver terrorist wannabe indicted for being an Islamic jihadist.
- Granny Left Behind 1,400 Descendants: math favors pro-family folks who don't undermine marriage and who don't kill their unborn children. Now, only if we can remove the public schools from the equation, we'd have the liberals beat in a generation.
- Another BEL Prediction: Bob Enyart predicts that there was sexual immorality behind the student who stabbed to death the public school teacher in Texas at John Tyler High School.
- Environmentalists Don't Use Toilet Paper: When the roll is called up yonder, don't expect to see any dirt worshippers. Environmentalists don't use toilet paper. Bob and Doug McBurney once again warn folks not to shake hands with a liberal and not to be one.

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Today’s Resource: Two phone calls: The first from Amy, an unwed mother, living with her boyfriend. She is so offended by Bob’s rebuke, that the call ends with her foul-mouthed cursing. Months later, another Amy calls... or is it the same one...? Very compelling TV. Get Amy's Call now and watch this program from the BEL Televised Classics archives!