Massachusetts Catholic Hospitals Moral Crisis

* Ireland's Pro-life Activist John O'Gorman: now living in Massachusetts, John O'Gorman talks to Bob Enyart about the moral crisis of Mitt Romney/Catholic Hospital nexus. First, governor Mitt Romney unilaterally "ordered" his states' Catholic hospitals to administer Plan B, The Morning After Pill to kill children, an unlawful and murderous "order" that the hospitals should have shut down over rather than accept. Next, activists found out that the adoption service of Massachusetts' Catholic Charities was placing children with homosexual partners. Meanwhile, the former governor Romney ordered the issuance of homosexual marriage licenses and authorized tax-funded elective abortions. Now, Caritas Christi, the chain of six Massachusetts Catholic hospitals has contracted with the state's health authority to get public monies promising to provide "Romney Care" for 163,000 patients. And the hospitals have stated that they will perform services as required by law or they will refer private "family planning" requests to other providers. O'Gorman said that is like Catholic hospitals saying, "We won't gas the Jews ourselves, but we'll put them on the trains."

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