Pelosi Accessory to Torture, Imagined & Real

* Doug McBurney & Bob Enyart: discuss the news. What do these have in common: Nancy Pelosi, fire ants, brain-fed maggots, registered Republicans, waterboarding, suction aspiration, and homosexual jeans?

* Why Psychologists are Dropping 'Gay' Gene Claim: The normally insightful WorldNetDaily misinterpreted the reasons for the American Psychological Association downplaying the existence of a 'gay' gene. It's NOT because they're more committed to following the science, not at all. Rather, it's because the homosexual position is so entrenched and secure, that activists feel comfortable dumping their old justification for male homosexuality: that it's not their fault because they are born that way. Female homosexuality was always an easier public relations sell to an intensely sexualized, pornography-addicted culture, so Planned Parenthood et al. have long invited young girls to make a lifestyle preference choice to be a lesbian, whereas seduced teenage boys were told to claim that they were "born that way," and could NOT CHOOSE their orientation. Rather, they were effectively victims, and should therefore be treated with respect and sympathy (after all, who would EVER choose such a thing)! No longer. If the APA was interested in the science, knowing that microbiologists are only just beginning to comprehend the purpose of 20,000 human genes, they would NEVER be so quick to back off their propaganda of a homosexual gene. WND might reconsider that this has NOTHING to do with science, and everything to do with the confidence of entrenched homosexuality.

* Collaborators Project Pending ND Designation: For their plan to honor Barack Obama, the leading pro-abortion advocate in America, the Collaborators Project is considering designating Notre Dame with Permanent Collaborator Status (PCS). If the university does not rescind their Obama invitation to deliver their commencement address on Sunday, May 17, 2009, the CP will designate Notre Dame with PCS. This would be only the second time in its history that the Collaborators Project has issued such a designation. If this occurs, the Collaborators Project will ask Indiana and Michigan pro-lifers to add Notre Dame to their ongoing anti-abortion protest itinerary.

After yesterday's BEL program on the Collaborators Project warning, reported on the pending designation of Permanent Collaborator Status for the University of Notre Dame. Developing...

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