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* Escape from China's Force Abortion: Listen for Rich Holst's call during today's program and see our notes just below

* Homeland Security Warns of Left-Wing Racist Groups: Yeah, right. Actually, a government document furthered the lie that especially right-wingers are racist (as though the left-wing communist Soviet Union loved the Jews; and as though the cradle-to-early-grave National Socialists –NAZIs- were right-wingers: yeah, right.) And Homeland Security lumped pro-lifers in with the group angry about a black man being elected president. Talk about racial profiling. So… what's new at your house?

* Jill Stanek published an ARTL Email: as she wrote, "American Right to Life is recommending in an email alert that pro-lifers 'join' or 'crash' - depending on whether 1 feels welcome or not - tea parties with graphic signs of aborted children, stating it will have truth trucks at a couple tea party locations. While I sometimes disagree with ARTL's strategy, in this case I agree [as the ARTL email stated]:

When the innocent are being slaughtered wholesale in a government-sanctioned systematic genocide, other ministries, to alcoholics, to the illiterate, to over-burdened taxpayers, etc., remain valid, but should be prioritized and put in perspective.

And please don't worry about "upsetting some conservatives" by interfering with "their" event. To end child killing, we're going to have to greatly increase the social tension over abortion, and since we've maximized our efforts over the years to confront the abortionists, the increase in social tension over child killing will have to target conservatives and Republicans who have grown comfortable and tolerant of de-criminalized abortion."

* Shiu Yon Zhou Now an American Citizen: Dear friend of BEL and member of American Right To Life, Chinese dissident Shiu Yon Zhou has just become an American citizen and her husband Rich Holst calls in to announce the great news! Previous KGOV announcements about the young woman who tragically experienced the brutality of Chinese forced abortion, Zhou (pronounced Jo):
- was the surprise guest speaker at the 2008 Life Commercials banquet;
- Bob's old radio nemesis, liberal pro-abort Jay Marvin did an extraordinary interview (especially the last minute, when Jay, perhaps making history, criticizes Planned Parenthood for giving millions to China's forced-abortion regime, and that from a pro-abortion democrat on a liberal progressive radio station);
- Zhou was quoted in the Denver Post saying "And I beg Mr. Schaffer (Republican, conservative, Christian, U.S. Senate candidate) to not look the other way, and to apologize for being part of the problem. He calls himself pro-life, but how can he be when he is not outraged by Chinese forced abortion?" and
- See WorldNetDaily's headline story on Shiu Yon!

Celebrity endorsement for Hermeneutics, Bob Enyart's favorite Bible study!
Another celebrity endorsement!

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