RSR: Blue Planet & Butterfly, Peacocks, Crows & Cows

* Earth is in a Special Place: Bob Enyart and Real Science Radio co-host Fred Williams discuss Creation Ministries International's Creation magazine article (News and Views) highlighting increasing evidence that, contrary to Big Bang predictions, the Earth is in a special place in the universe. RSR has previously recommended listeners do a Google search of quantized redshift to familiarize the reader with the body of evidence regarding galactic redshift indicating the Earth is near the center of the universe. Now, a leading cosmologist from South Africa along with colleagues and a French astrophysicist provide evidence from supernovae that the Earth is in a special place!

* Cow Magnets and Butterfly Photonics: God is so cool! Brilliantly blue butterflies have no blue pigment, but instead manipulate light waves via their photonic structures with grids of groove widths that are one-half and one-fifth of a millionth of a meter wide. Cows and deer align themselves mostly in the north-south direction, showing they are among the many creatures that can sense the Earth's magnetic field. Famous evolutionist J.BN.S. Haldane said that evolution could never produce mechanisms such as wheels and magnets that would be useless until fairly perfect. Of course he was right, and such mechanisms commonly exist in the microbiological world, showing that migrating birds, cows, deer, and countless other species were carefully designed by our Creator!

* Peacocks and Apes Further Disprove Darwin: Discussing CMI's March 2009 Creation magazine, Bob and Fred discuss Charles Darwin being wrong again, this time about Peacocks. A seven-year Japanese study of 268 peacock matings undermined Darwin's sexual selection claims when the females surprised the researchers and did not fulfill their Darwinian preferences. Darwin himself exposed his non-scientific prejudice against the possibility of a Creator when he wrote to botanist Asa Gray on April 3, 1860: “The sight of a feather in a peacock’s tail, whenever I gaze at it, makes me sick.” Unless it's a meteorite heading right toward him, sick is not what a scientist looking through a telescope should feel when he looks at the cosmos. Darwin's bias against God greatly influenced his major claims. And in a related story, it turns out that crows demonstrated greater problem-solving ability than chimps, mankind's supposed closest "relatives." Oops!

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