God's Social Safety Net

* Culture Cracks Up: Bob and Doug McBurney educate and entertain while the culture cracks up.

* Thick as Thieves: A Keystone ski slope lift operator experienced a shock, when a woman caught using a man's lift ticket claimed she was in the midst of a sex change operation. The hapless lift operator was forced to investigate this completely plausible claim. After all Keystone is just a few hours north of Trinidad, CO, the Mecca of self mutilation for the mentally disturbed, (i.e. homos getting sex change operations).

* The Final Cut: As men and women become ever more confused over their roles and how to express true love toward one another, we are saddened, and somewhat dismayed to see it degenerate into threats of murder and mutilation. But what can we expect in a culture that mocks the traditional meaning of love and has corrupted marriage even in our capitol city.

* Thirty Year Zone: Every judge in Washington DC must hand down a minimum sentence of 30 years for the life of a murdered child. Hear how one judge simultaneously proved his ability to multiply, and his ignorance of justice when sentencing a mom who murdered four innocent children. And find out how to end our national epidemic of murder in ONE DAY.

* Be a Hero: Save a Whale, Save a Baby: Go to Jail: A woman in West Islip NY is held on $100,000 bond in the equal opportunity killings of both cats and dogs. It's not a hate crime, but a sick tale none the less. But hey, you publicans and judges: get your priorities right!

* The Personhood Movement Has Exploded Into 40 States! So please help the state personhood efforts get the signatures they need to re-criminalize abortion! If you live in:
- Colorado: could you help circulate the Personhood Colorado & Colorado RTL 2010 petition? If so, just click or call 303-753-9394.
- California: please visit the CA Human Life Amendment site to get a petition and start collecting signature for the Lord and for the innocent child!
- If you live in any other state, can you help to advance personhood via the 2010 ballot or in one of three different ways?
We all need your help!

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