Rocky Mtn Creation Fellowship on Population

* Does the World's Population Support Creation or Evolution: Real Science Radio on population growth and carbon 14. Dr. Ed Boudreaux, the president of the Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship, demonstrates to Bob Enyart why the world's current population, the missing billions of buried human remains, and standard human population growth equations, all support a young earth. Those in the Denver area can attend RMCF meetings on the second Friday of each month! On January 8th, RSR co-host Fred Williams is presenting the best of creation arguments!

* Do Your Own Figuring: First there was the abortion Exceptions Calculator, and now there's this Population Calculator.

RMCF is privileged to have as its’ December speaker, Dr. Ed Boudreaux who received his PhD from Tulane University in 1962, his MS from Tulane University in 1958 and his BS from Loyola University in 1956. Dr. Boudreaux was a Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Physics for 29 years at the University of New Orleans. He retired Prof. Emeritus in 1991. He has numerous publications in refereed scientific journals, and has made contributions to both books and reviews. Dr. Boudreaux has made presentations at conferences and seminars both nationally and internationally. He has been a Creation Scientist since 1976 and was an expert witness for the Louisiana Balanced Treatment Law. He was the President of Origins Resource Association of Louisiana and the Gulf Coast, the local Creationist group. Dr. Boudreaux has been invited to many Creation Science presentations and both TV and radio appearances. He has had presentations and publications at two International Creation Conferences.

* Help Personhood Efforts Get Signatures: If you live in Colorado, could you help circulate the Personhood Colorado & CRTL 2010 petition? We need your help! If you live in any other state, can you help to advance personhood via the 2010 ballot or in one of three different ways?

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