Why are Term Limits a Waste?

* Bob and Steve go to the wall over Limits: Why is advocating term limits a waste of time? Biker Steve from Grand Lake, Colorado loves his country and went this weekend with a thousand other bikers to the traveling Vietnam Wall. Steve sees that America is broken and has a passion to work to expose our failures and move us toward what is right. But Steve has become sidetracked. He wants to work for term limits. We've already wasted 15 years and spent a quarter of a billion dollars passing the failed partial-birth abortion ban which even Dr. Dobson says "does not save a single human life." Now, with term limits we're in the process of wasting more years of effort and donations to adopt another distraction. Term Limits are arbitrary. They equate to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Instead of advocating for something arbitrary, let's use our energy, time, money, and passion to advocate for fundamental enduring principles that our nation has betrayed! So let's work for personhood and the God-given right to life of the unborn. Steve, personhood is the best thing you can do to try to save our nation and restore holiness to the Body of Christ!

Btw, the actual Vietnam Wall (Steve saw the moving wall) is 500 feet with 58,000 names. See the animated Holocaust Memorial Wall,
as it flies by, all 81 miles of it at Personhood.net, 81 miles long in order to fit the 50,000,000 names of the unborn children killed in America.

* Barack Obama's MySpace Page says he's 52: If Obama's "official" MySpace page is correct, and Obama is 52 years old (as it's said all day today, despite high profile reporting from WorldNetDaily), then he was born before Hawaii was a state. So The Plot thickens. Meanwhile, on Friday Bob Enyart appeared on the Colorado Fox affiliate Good Day Colorado on Fox 31 to talk about news topics with comedian Sheryl Underwood and local media personalities, and although a bit off topic :) Bob mentioned the African proverb that became the title of Hillary's book, It Takes A Village and said that proverb was from Barack Obama's hometown :) . You can read the transcript.

Btw, remember when… Remember the BEL Televised Classic in which Bob Enyart was reading and criticizing some evil excerpts from Hillary Clinton's It Takes a Village and a liberal called in to defend what was read. Then the book's dust cover fell off and it turned out that Bob was actually reading from Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf! The quotes were perfectly Hillary-like: that the rights of children supersede the rights of adults; that the government should use its revenue to take care of children; blah, blah, blah, and other socialist blather that simply provides cover (no pun intended) for their true motivation: to undermine godly principles (do not steal) and erode the trust people may put in God (just as Nimrod tried, a long time ago). Then Bob put Hillary's dust cover back on Mein Kampf, and displayed the full title of Hillary's book: It Takes A Village to raise an idiot; now that was a long time ago. Or was it, It Takes A Village to satisfy my husband? At any rate, today, there is a village in Kenya missing its idiot. Quick, put out an APB…

* UFO Sightings Spike with Alien Blockbuster Movie Releases: ha!

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