RSR: Global Warming Shrinks Fish!

* Latest Study on Shrinking Fishing: Fish are shrinking in response to global warming! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! (And all that warming is making them bigger too!) 2015 Update: The hysterical warmlist links to 883 effects of global warming. 2018 Update: Climate change prevents us from seeing aliens. Really! :)

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* AFP & Breitbart Report: Can you smell a fish in this? "Fish have lost half their average body mass… as a result of global warming, a study published Monday has found. 'It's huge,' said study author Martin Daufresne of the Cemagref Public Agricultural and Environmental Research Institute in Lyin', France. …individual species lost an average of 50 percent of their body mass over the past 20 to 30 years…"

* Warming Bias Flawed the Study: The study is biased because of the current obsession to see global warming behind every boogeyman. So Martin Daufresne tries to justify his absurd conclusion but the truth was already reported a year ago on RSF.

photoshoped oversized fish* FlashbackJuly 25, 2008 on BEL - Real Science Radio, Wildlife Officials Blow It with Fish: by instructing fisherman that they could only 'keep' larger cod fish, wildlife officials have severely altered the genetic pool of various species, removing genes for large fish. As a result the average length of some species have shrunk by a third, and even after a 15-year moratorium, the larger fish have not returned. For all the natural selection hype, it is sad that Darwinist governments have blown what would have been a major application of true selection principles.

* Huxley: Natural Selection will Prevent Over-Fishing: Right. Darwin's bulldog Thomas Huxley was wrong again. He claimed that the strongest fish would evade the nets. In reality, only the luckiest fish evaded the nets.

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