Ann Coulter's Guilty, and Hangs Up

* Coulter can take it from the Left: but as her hanging up in this brief interview demonstrates, she can't stand the heat of criticism from conservative Christians. After discussing Juanita Broaddrick and single motherhood topics from Coulter's book Guilty, Bob Enyart cited her half-a-dozen pages mentioning Romney and quoted Ann's ironic statement: "the media were unable to stop themselves from spreading unsubstantiated rumors about Romney[...]" (p. 154). Coulter then abruptly hung up eight minutes into the interview after refusing to answer any question about her false report repeating Mitt's own campaign rhetoric, that "Romney governed as a pro-lifer." Coulter can take it like a man and defend herself against weak criticism from liberals like Matt Lauer, but so far she has absolutely refused to defend her abuse of influence in misleading pro-lifers about Mitt Romney who funds elective, surgical abortions. Also announced on today's program, a new website,!


* American RTL Rebukes Ann Coulter: See below Romney's recent and aggressive pro-abortion actions, and also see the well-documented press release from Colorado's former chairman of the Republican Party, Steve Curtis, and Columbine dad and president of ARTL Brian Rohrbough, American Right To Life Rebukes Ann Coulter. See also one of the most effective TV ads, produced by ARTL, that strategically ran against Mitt Romney in early primary states.

* Romney Forced Gay Marriage in Massachusetts: In their 2003 Goodridge decision the state court gave the Massachusetts legislature 180 days in which to "take such action as it may deem appropriate." They gave no instruction to the governor as they had previously acknowledged their lack of constitutional authority to do so. However in 2004 in keeping his promise to promote homosexual rights, Gov. Mitt Romney ordered town clerks to begin issuing homosexual marriage licenses, and officials who refused were advised to resign. Yet the pro-family industrial complex, including Ann Coulter, has endorsed Mitt Romney and fabricates justifications for his recent and intensely anti-marriage, pro-abortion actions.

* Romney Lies, Coulter Swears: Mitt Romney claims, "On every piece of legislation, I came down on the side of life." His lie was promoted by the pro-life industry and Ann Coulter. In April 2006 Romney signed the Massachusetts Health Care Reform Plan that pays for even surgical elective abortions. Romney falsely claims a 1981 court ruling about "medically necessary" abortions forced him to provide tax-funded elective abortion, showing he prioritizes liberal socialized "health care" over protecting kids, even when that "health care" actually kills children. It's quite a stretch even for a hard-core pro-abortion liberal to claim that "medically necessary" equates to elective, i.e., for no medical reason, yet Romney makes that absurd justification in his continued funding of abortion. Romney also gave a permanent seat on the Massachusetts health payment policy advisory board to the nation's leading abortionists at Planned Parenthood. Romney signed the 2005 bill that promotes chemical abortions with Plan B. As Governor he appointed openly pro-abortion Democrat Matt Nestor to a district court. And he disputed a ruling from his own state health department and Romney personally argued that pro-life hospitals must dispense abortifacients. Romney claims to have been personally pro-life for many years, but also claims a recent pro-life conversion on Nov. 9, 2004 while talking to Harvard researcher Douglas Melton about embryonic stem cells. However Mitt still openly supports killing the baby of a rapist, and killing the tiniest of humans for research. And Dr. Melton has even disputed Romney's account of their conversation. "Pro-life" Romney even attended a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood which he later denied, but which was then acknowledged by his campaign after photographs of Mitt and his wife at the fund raiser surfaced. In October 2005 Romney asked the federal government for a waiver for a major increase in funding for abortion "counseling" and for tax-funded abortifacients. During the years that Romney says he was personally pro-life he aggressively claimed to be second-to-none in asserting abortion as an essential right. And the Weekly Standard reports him telling the pro-abortion activists at NARAL, "you need someone like me in Washington.".....for more, and for links to document every claim here, see"

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