Abortion Photos Real, NY Times Fake

* See Photos in the NY Times: in another stunning development of the personhood era, the New York Times published Behind the Scenes: Picturing Fetal Remains researching part of the story of where the grisly abortion photos come from. Our dear friend Flip Benham, director of Operation Rescue National / OSA was inside the abortion clinic the day famous Malachi was retrieved as evidence of genocide. For those who claim, against all evidence, that the abortion photos are fake, KGOV general manager Will, Doug McBurney, and Bob Enyart suggest a few responses:
- What if they are real?
- What would it say about abortion if these photos were real?
- Can't you realize that you're in denial?
- Do you realize that your denial admits the horror of abortion?
- Yes, you're right. These kids were killed by drunk drivers. Nothing like this could ever happen in America. You can sleep well tonight.

* Columbine Murderer's Mother in Oprah Mag: I Will Never Know Why wrote Susan Klebold. Her article left out much of the most important Columbine information, including the terrible parenting they gave to Dylan and the extent to which he was raised by video games and the Internet. She left out the Columbine evidence that showed that her son's room and in-room refrigerator were full of alcohol with empty bottles littering the place. Klebold leads the media to believe that Eric Harris was the real bad guy, and her son the depressed follower, when the evidence suggests otherwise. And recall the New York Times interviewer who reported: "The most infuriating incident, Susan said, came when somebody said, 'I forgive you for what you've done.' Susan insists, 'I haven't done anything for which I need forgiveness.'"

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* Bob and Doug Don't Ask But Do Tell
: Why are more homosexual women than men kicked out of the military? Ask Bob and Doug.

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