Chuck Swindoll's Sister Calls BEL

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* Muslim Day of Prayers Takes Page from Pastor Handbook: The Muslim National Day of Prayer outside of the U.S. Capitol today is organized by a lawyer who has represented terror suspects, Hassen Abdellah of the Dar Ul Mosque in Elizabeth, NJ. Abdellah said that at their religious event they would not condemn the 9-11 attacks or any terrorist acts with the excuse that the Muslim Day of Prayer "is about our faith; it's not about politics."

* Fast-Forward Two Hours to the Women of Faith: Meanwhile, in Denver Colorado, ten thousand women gathered at the Pepsi Center for a Christian weekend with the Women of Faith. Pro-life Christians had asked Women of Faith organizers for permission to gather signatures to protect unborn children by love and by law with the Colorado Personhood Amendment but organizers escorted them away from the property. Before they were kicked out, the signature team from Colorado Right To Life and Personhood Colorado had already gathered 1,000 signatures from Christian women who so eagerly wanted to save the lives of children in the womb by advocating for the God-given right to life of the unborn. Imagine the shame of religious leaders who refused to actively oppose slavery in America and anti-Semitism in Germany with the excuse that, our ministry "is about our faith; it's not about politics." And now, the Muslims have followed the lead of too many Christian leaders, thinking like the Levi and the priest, that Jesus Christ will not reprimand them for walking to the other side of the street to bypass the victim of a crime. Chuck Swindoll's sister Luci Swindoll, a speaker at Women of Faith, called into the radio show and she responded positively to Bob and Doug asking Miss Swindoll to speak to the organizers and request that they not hinder the pro-lifer petitioners who will be at the event getting signatures tomorrow in an effort to protect unborn children by love and by law.

* Colorado RTL Sept. 26th Banquet! Come on out Saturday at 6:30 p.m. to see Lila Rose. If you call 303-753-9394 in time you can make a reservation (or just show up at the Renaissance Hotel in Denver at Quebec and I-70)! Do you know who Lila Rose is? You'll HAVE TO come out to see her! You'll have a tremendous time, and you'll be a great blessing!

* Meanwhile, at the Values Voters Summit: Focus on the Family and Family Research Council and their president Tony Perkins brought in Bill O'Reilly to speak at this Christian political event which also praised Mitt Romney as a pro-life, pro-family candidate. Consider these two participants:
Values Voters Summit Speaker Bill O'Reilly: O'Reilly is documented repeatedly…
- stating that he supports legal abortion, and
- opposing the death penalty, and
- believes we evolved from animals,
- rejects the Old Testament (even though Jesus affirms its historicity), and
- authors tawdry sex scenes in B novels,
- supports the gag rule against churches that disenfranchises pastors from the political process,
- would protect the rapist but kill the baby he fathers, and
- repeatedly and only refers to God as the deity, being as impersonal as he can be.
Values Voters Summit Candidate Mitt Romney: From FRC's email blast to tens of thousands of Christians: "Here is your chance to watch some of the Highlights from the Summit [including] Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney." With Focus on the Family co-sponsoring the event, FRC introduced this pro-homosexual marriage, pro-government healthcare, pro-tax funded abortion politician claiming that he "distinguished himself as an important voice in favor of strengthening... our families. Please welcome a champion for values voters, Mitt Romney."

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