Stop Making Me into a Prophet

* How Many BEL Predictions Must Come True: Whether it's about HIV transmission, Al Gore's global coolingex-gaypenguins, or same-sex dogs and pigs claimed as a defense for homosexuality, BEL is correct time and again. (The one claim by homosexuals that Bob Enyart has difficulty refuting is that they act like pigs and dogs.) Is it that Bob is smarter than, oh let's say, Denver radio's Peter Boyles, or is Bob's biblical worldview the reason for his more reliable analysis, justifiable priorities, and fulfilled predictions? See both Bob's failed prediction, just below, and Bob's many confirmed and pending predictions, at and

* Failed BEL Prediction: Bob predicted that GM would be financially worse off following the government takeover which led to the nickname Government Motors. However, although taxpapers lost ten billion dollars in the Bush/Obama "investments", as of 2014, the automaker is, at least as of 2014, economically strengthened.

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