Judge to Sentence Bob Enyart Tomorrow

* Dobson Pledge Protest Update: Tomorrow, June 10, 2009, a Colorado Springs judge will sentence Bob Enyart as a result of the American RTL Dobson Pledge Protest The prosecutor is asking for jail time for Bob and pro-life activist Ken Scott, and for probation for Brian Enyart. A Focus on the Family attorney told the court they would speak at the sentencing. Regardless of the sentence, as compared to typical Christian persecution, this should be no more than an inconvenience. Bob may be looking at a full-time, government-funded jail ministry for some weeks. Please pray for Bob's wife Cheryl and their boys especially the three youngest (of seven) who are under age 12.

Today's Resource: Non-Christians: If you write and ask, we will send you for free our Mount Moriah DVD examining the powerful historic and geographic evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ! Pro-lifers, you can learn more by browsing in the KGOV Store's Department of Government which includes Bob's classic God's Criminal Justice System seminar on CD and you can read Bob's article (Google 1 of 1.7M for: God death penalty) or watch his DVD on God and the Death Penalty: NT Support for Capital Punishment!