RSR: Fingers, Lobsters, Bubbles & Junk

Bob debates and evolutionist on Junk DNA* Real Science Radio Co-hosts Having FunCRS webmaster Fred Williams and Bob Enyart enjoy talking about the latest science news and evidence against evolution and for our Creator God, including:
- more "junk DNA" that the scientists just figured out is NOT junk!
- headline for every evolution article on genetics is: Oops!
- insistence that disease is evidence of evolution indicates the lack of actual evidence.
- the mathematical proof that humans did not descend from chimps (required family size).
fingertip control: wow!
lobsters: primitive (but tasty!) creatures outsmarting commercial fishermen.
- elephants' tails.
- tiny water bubbles collapsing (natural cavitation bubbles reach 27,000 degrees F).

SHOW ERRATA: An evolutionist at, Jukia, correctly criticized Bob Enyart for a scientific misstatement regarding red blood cells which, if you listen to this show, you won't hear since it's already been corrected in this program. But you can see the thread for today's program in the BEL Forum for a description of that error, on one of the world's most popular theology forums, TOL! Our free archives make our BEL programs readily avaialble to people around the world and because these shows are listened to for months and years after they are originally aired (especially as people use our advanced search feature to find programs of interest, like science or debates), when an error is big enough (or embarassing enough), we often edit out the error and insert correct information into the program audio itself, in order to avoid propagating misinformation. See more...

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