RSR: Multitasking Genes, Missing Years

* Humans and Worms - Same Number of Genes: Bob Enyart and Real Science Radio co-host Fred Williams talk about roundworms (C. elegans) and humans having a similar number of genes and many similar genes. Disproving yet another evolutionary prediction, as published by the U.S. Human Genome Program, C. elegans Sequence Whole-Genome View of a Multicellular Animal:

"The C. elegans genome is packaged into 6 chromosomes containing about 19,000 genes [humans have 20,500], several times the number originally predicted by classical genetics experiments. About 40% of identified genes match those of other organisms, including humans." U.S. Human Genome Program

How can that be? Caenorhabditis elegans is only a millimeter in length (1 mm, i.e., 1/25th of an inch). While the evolutionary idea of a "simple" lifeform is an illusion, never found and indescribable even conceptually, with all the genes possessed by C. elegans, why don't they have a far more complex morphology? Well, consider other news from and Human genes are heavily multitasking, which helps explain the many years of confusion among evolutionists who thought that humans and chimpanzees were 99% alike (and even since 2000, 95% alike). RSR suggests that obviously false conclusion would be like claiming nearly identical Einstein's Theory of Relativity and Dumb and Dumber after finding similar words in each. Creation magazine's March 2009 issue further explains that our human genes not only multitask in general, but they have a greater regulatory role in embryonic development. This shows the greater genetic design that God put into humans, who are uniquely made in His image. And this embryonic regulatory role of genes likely helps to explain some of the counter-productive effects of embryonic stem cell treatment as compared to the far-more effective adult stem cell therapy. Regardless though, it would be wrong to kill a single tiny child even if it would cure the whole world.

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2010 Update on a Related Story: With the sponge genome now sequenced and showing that 70% of its 18,000 genes are shared with humans, lead researcher Bernard Degnan claims that these findings could lay the foundation for breakthroughs in stem cell research because, "Sponges have what's (considered) the 'Holy Grail' of stem cells." As anti-creationist Eugenie Scott found out, It's not wise to bet against genetic progress. But RSR predicts that Degnan's specific claim here, that sponges have the ultimate stem cells, ostensibly because they appeared so early in the alleged evolution of animals, will never lead to scientific discoveries because the claim is false. Sponges undoubtedly have tremendous stem cells as designed by God. But it is false to assume that they are phylogenetically close to the origin of all animal stem cells.

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* Yikes! Millions of Years are MISSING: According to evolutionary geologists, there are MORE THAN 100 MILLION YEARS MISSING in the extraordinarily regular and straight layers of the Grand Canyon! Can you spot the missing eons in this photo? (Of course not, there's no evidence that any time passed between these strata, let alone the 100 million years that the other side of the earth was supposedly experiencing!)

Grand Canyon parallel flat gap boundaries between strata refutes millions of years of deposition

Supposed geological layers entirely missing from the beautifully formed Grand Canyon strata include the Ordovician and the Silurian. The flat boundaries between strata provide hard evidence proving that millions of years of erosion DID NOT OCCUR, and that therefore, those millions of years DID NOT PASS, neither in the canyon nor anywhere on Earth, for they are an atheistic fiction. Subscribers to Creation magazine have already read Jonathan Sarfati's FABULOUS interview with biologist and geologist Ariel Roth, and others can either subscribe now (highly recommended) or wait a year or so until that interview appears in their archive. (We've added this POWERFUL evidence against the old-earth claim to our RSF List of Not-So-Old Things!)

* Darwin's 2009 Orchestral Homage: CMI's Creation magazine points out that the world-wide 2009 Darwin celebrations that include art exhibits, pilgrimages, music festivals, conferences, paintings, dedicated publications and websites, sculptures, and orchestral works do not celebrate far greater scientists like the creationist Isaac Newton, nor Galileo, Mendel, or even the thoroughly-secular Albert Einstein. Rather, universities and governments praise Darwin because of their philosophical and zealous commitment to godlessness. These are effectively atheistic religious events promoted falsely in the name of science.

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