RSR: 500 of 1,000 Dinosaurs Go Poof

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* 500 of 1,000 Dinosaurs Go Poof: Illustrating the magnitude of problems introduced by evolutionists in their rush to publish, in one project, an analysis of "more than 1,000 named dinosaurs [reduced the actual number] to 500 or so," said University of Bristol paleontologist Michael Benton. Move over brontosaurus, you suddenly have a lot of company! See also at CMI.

* 2012 & 2013 Updates: Not only did paleontologists overcount the number of dinosaur species by at least double, as on RSR and as reported in the journal Biology Letters in October 2012, they also greatly overestimated the weight of dinosaurs. Instead of Brachiosaurus weighing 80 tons, for example, it is now carefully calculated that it would have weighed about 23 tons. Reducing the numbers and weight of dinosaur kinds also reduces the demand on Noah's ark (and family)! See also famed paleontologist Jack Horner, who we at RSR offered a grant of $23,000 to carbon date one of his soft-tissue T. rex bones:

* 140-million Year Old Spider Web: Surprise, surprise, surprise! The BBC and National Geographic report on a 140-million year old spider web in amber which, lo and behold, shows threads that resemble silk spun by modern spiders, leading scientists to express surprise "that spider webs have stayed the same for 140 million years." Ha! See also the BBC.

* 2020 - The Number of Extinct Dinosaur Species: Today's evolutionists believe that chickens are dinosaurs. But as for the number of what they call non-avian dinosaurs, paleontologists count about 700 species.

* Cornea Blindness in One Eye Cured: Wow! People who were blind in one eye from corneal damage have been cured by researchers who noninvasively and gently brush some stem cells off the patient's good eye and transfer them to the bad eye merely by wiping them onto the inside a contact lens. Wow! "This is just one of many proven treatments from adult stem cell research!" See also Science Daily.

* 9 Billion Years of Missing Metal in Spiral Galaxies: Okay, so some people don't like heavy metal, but hey, who chucked nine billion years worth? Fifteen spiral galaxies need to be carded at the door. They're supposed to be older, but they just don't look it. See also

* Viruses Help Fight Cancer: Biotech firms hijacking viruses to treat and shrink tumors gives mankind a glimpse of the pre-fall beneficial functionality of today's disease-causing microorganisms. See also the Daily Mail.

* 95 Million Year Old Octopus Ink: See the Creation article on Octopus fossils reveal no evolution! Soft tissue. Five octopi. All eight legs. Each. Look just like Henry. Internal gills. Remnants of ink. Like a "fossil sneeze," said one evolutionist. Again, evolutionists claim that these guys didn't decay because they sunk quickly and "the sea floor was free of oxygen." Problem is, as Garry Graham points out in Creation, "lack of oxygen is no preservative – experiments with fish carcasses show that even in the absence of oxygen they still disintegrate…" 1x = 1kD

* Atheists Say There's Probably No God: UPDATE: British atheists including Richard Dawkins are promoting bus billboards that say, "There's Probably No God." Huh! And they're probably in trouble. Unintentionally these atheists are helping us get out the message that they have no proof of their atheism and that they take their message by faith.

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