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* He's Back- John Ramsey Murdered JonBenet: Bob Enyart Live, based midway between Denver and Boulder Colorado, provided perhaps the most significant summary available of the evidence in the JonBenet Ramsey case showing that her parents murdered their daughter. See our Clue that Breaks the Case, with some interesting observations. Boulder detective Linda Arndt, the only police officer on the scene in the hours prior to the discovery of the body at 1:05 p.m. says that the Ramseys did not spend those morning hours in each other's company, but that John stayed mostly in his den and read his mail in the kitchen. When she asked who might be responsible for the crime, John gave police the name of an employee; and Patsy gave the name of one of her housekeepers. Arndt says she was confused about why the Ramseys would not speak to her and of course later they refused a formal interview and polygraph tests. And detective Arndt says that the ransom note deadline of 10 a.m. passed unnoticed, recalling that the Ramseys did not remark whatsoever regarding the fact that the kidnapper had not called. Click above for Bob Enyart's full Ramsey case report!

* Frigid Iceland Names Lesbian PM: Iceland's Prime Minister Sigurdardottir (PMS) is the first openly homosexual head of government in the modern world. Back when Iceland nationalized their three national banks, BEL warned of the negative consequences, and months later, Iceland's government became the first to fall as a result of the global economic crisis. Meanwhile, Al Gore's promise of warming has yet to materialize and thaw Iceland's permafrost, and the cold nation has named a female homosexual as Iceland's prime minister, Johanna Sigurdardottir.

* Post-show FYI: To mark the day a groundhog bit New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. Separately, while on vacation years ago Bob Enyart's family sent three identical letters to a friend of the radio program in Punxsutawney PA and they were then mailed on three consecutive days to a Denver Bible Church family who especially enjoyed the Groundhog Day movie. Each letter was addressed identically, and contained virtually identical wish-you-were-here letters describing the festivities in Punxsutawney. Selah.

* YouTube Playlist: And here are a few videos from the Enyart Family playlist...

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