Personhood "Too Big To Contain"

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* Boston Globe, WorldNetDaily: Media reports document the nationwide growth of the personhood movement!

On Jill Stanek writes: "A star-studded pro-life line-up – Lila Rose, Judie Brown, Pastor Walter Hoye, and "Bella" movie producers Jason Jones and Leo Severino – announced the launch of the California… Human Rights Amendment… In other words, we have here another personhood initiative. … [which] would 'recognize the inherent human rights… of all human beings from the beginning of their biological development." Stanek, the pro-life blogger of record, then chronicled recently introduced personhood amendments (California, Colorado, Montana, Florida, Missouri, Mississippi, & Oregon) and pending personhood bills (Alaska, Arkansas, Hawaii, Indiana, Louisiana & Texas) and she quotes the LA Times about the " alarmed supporters of legal abortion." 

After mentioning that some lawyers oppose personhood saying "the time isn't right," Stanek explain her support for personhood: "because it goes totally against my grain to expend energy undercutting fellow pro-lifers' efforts (aside from flakes), and because it's never wrong to do the right thing, and because a ratified personhood state amendment or statute would be a good problem to have, and because I think public education is critical, I support personhood initiatives." Thus as Stanek concluded, "the personhood movement has quickly grown too big to contain."

In the BostonGlobe today: "
Abortion foes try to establish legal ‘personhood’ for fetuses: Push to get issue on ballots across nation next year. Abortion foes, tired of a profusion of laws that limit but do not abolish abortion, are trying to answer the question in a way that they hope could put an end to legalized abortion. Across the country, they have revived failed efforts to amend state constitutions to declare that “personhood’’ - and all rights accorded human beings - begins at conception.

* A Lesbian Sued a Christian Doctor: and won a settlement claiming that homosexuals were determined to force themselves on others and that they reject the notion that people should be allowed freedom of conscience, freedom of association, freedom of religion. Nothing new there.

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