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* Gregg from L.A. called Sean Hannity: and today he's on Bob Enyart LiveGregg Jackson emceed the 2007 and 2008 CPAC presidential candidates sessions. (What does C-P-A-C stand for? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.) and Gregg appeared in ARTL's Ann Coulter Hang-ups video, authored the best-selling Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies, and hosted talk shows at Boston's 50k-watt AM 680 WRKO News Talk and until recently at Salem Radio Network's Los Angeles station KDAR. Yesterday, Gregg was a caller on Hannity's national show and criticized Sean for promoting pro-government health care Mitt Romney who personally authorized tax-funded elective surgical abortions, something so horrendous and so 'liberal' that it goes far beyond the wickedness of even the many openly 'pro-choice' Americans who oppose 'tax-funded abortion' and 'elective' abortion. Romney is pro-homosexual marriage, pro-government health care, and radically pro-abortion. Romney is the litmus test: he shows us that Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, and the current public policy leaders at Focus on the Family are traitors to God, to the unborn child, and to marriage.

* Sisters of Leavenworth Running More Denver Hospitals: Regarding the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth getting control of Denver-area hospitals and changing policy, American RTL gave these comments to 
Colorado's ABC affiliate 7News:
- Good for the sisters, a Good Samaritan doesn't kill a child!
- Martin Luther's been turning in his grave: it takes Catholics running his hospital just to obey God's command, do not murder.
- Forget Obama, this is the kind of healthcare reform America needs, stop killing unborn patients, and care for them.
- And regarding the sisters changing the vasectomy and tubal ligation policy (update: this is the quote that 7News broadcast): "It beats murder. Cutting vasectomies is a small price to pay to get a hospital to stop killing kids."

* American RTL's Ann Coulter YouTube nearing 40,000 Views: Invite a friend to watch the extraordinary American RTL YouTube video titled 
The Ann Coulter Hang-ups to help ARTL hit 40,000 views and rank higher in Google and YouTube searches for Ann Coulter and Mitt Romney!

* Kenyan Scam Tops Nigerian Scam: If you send me $1,500 to cover some taxes and transfer charges, I can deposit into your checking account $480,000 from the Prince of Zaire who is currently living in exile in my country! So, Nigerians have made millions of the greed-motivated foolishness of their victims. Now, according to Robbie from Arkansas, even the Nigerians can't believe that anyone would be so gullible as to buy the latest scam out of Kenya: some 
Kenyan posing as an American president says to give him the future of your children and great grandchildren and let him be the middleman in all your medical treatments, and then he'll give you lower-cost health care. Right :)

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