RSR: 2 Nervous Systems, 3-Day Gorge

Canyon Lake Gorge in Texas formed in hours!* Real Science Radio & Creation Magazine: Listen in as RSR co-hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams enjoy the Creation magazine Summer 2009 issue!
- An enormous gorge in Texas was created in a few days! See Ken Erfurth's great photo of the gorge over at Flickr. 
- A tiny insect's eyes are so sophisticated (and so unlike the eyes of any other insect) that engineers have recently decided to copy the design to create an advanced imaging system! The xenos peckii's eyes are similar to those of trilobites, yet they come from vastly different branches of the recently-discredited (see next item) Darwinian Tree of Life; and so the one could not have evolved from the other.
- Darwin was Wrong about the Tree of Life: Do you remember that the evolutionary publication, NewScientist, ran a startling cover story titled, Darwin Was Wrong about the Tree of Life? They indicated that Darwin's Tree was as important as his theory of natural selection. However, fast forward 150 years to the age of modern genetic research, and it turns out that of the many thousands of species genetically evaluated so far, more than half are not the product of a biological pathway represented by a tree (or a bush for that matter). Months later, the atheist anger against NewScientist is so palpable that one leading evolutionist is calling for a boycott of the evolutionary publication because they acknowledged this now-obvious scientific truth. Yes, the inexorable march of scientific observation is devastating to atheists.
- The Nervous System - Had To Evolve TWICE! Once is not enough. Speaking of the inexorable march of scientific observation, according to NewScientist, the study of tiny sea creatures called placozoans indicates "that the nervous system developed twice - evolving independently in simple organisms like jellyfish and also in complex animals."

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ARTL sign vs the statue of liberty

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