Why Isn't He Dead Yet?

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* After 18 years of Raping the Same Kidnapped Woman: An earlier victim's reaction was similar to Bob Enyart's immediate reaction. Katherine Hall said, "I think he should be executed." Bob Enyart said of Phillip Garrido, "What's taking so long? Why isn't he dead yet?" (Related: Listen in to Court TV interviewing Bob Enyart who was calling for Scott Peterson's execution during the death penalty phase of his trial.)

Bob Enyart and Doug McBurney burn O.J. Simpson's memorabiliaFLASHBACK - Caller Robert Defends OJ: on BEL on February 5, 2009, after phoning into perhaps the wrong radio program :) , Robert criticized Bob and Doug for burning O.J.'s memorabilia on the steps of the L.A. courthouse, and he attempted to defend the brutal murderer. Bob and Doug reviewed just some of the incriminating evidence showing Simpson's guilt. Then Bob explained to Robert that the Bible does NOT require two or three eyewitnesses to convict of a criminal, but two or three pieces of evidence including physical evidence. Also, while Robert assumed he was being "nice" toward O.J., in reality, he was making egregious accusations against the dozens of people who assembled the overwhelming evidence against O.J., accusing those people of framing an innocent man and thereby of being accomplices after the fact to help some other assumed criminal get away with a double murder. Of course, what Robert is accusing these innocent people of is a crime that God considers tantamount to murder, i.e., perjury and evidence tampering in a capital crime.

See Enyart Burns O.J. Simpson Reports at: CBS News; LA Times; BBC; and Angel Fire.

* Repentant Manson Murderer Susan Atkins Dying: Unlike the Associated Press headline and lead, Susan Atkins is not a "Charles Manson follower". She was. And she was one of his murderers who confessed to murdering Sharon Tate and her unborn child forty years ago. She's no longer follows Manson. And now she's terminally ill. Bob Enyart tells the story of Atkins' writing by hand a lengthy letter back in 1978 to the wife of one of Bob's friends, Wally, urging her to flee from the life of witchcraft and drugs that she was pursuing.

* Obamabot Bites Off Finger of Conservative
: Really.

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