Pro-Life Dominican Tour de Force

* Keith Mason of PersonhoodUSA helped organize a two-week tour de force anti-abortion blitz of the Dominican Republic along with Ignacio Reyes, director of Live Action (founded by pro-life hero Lila Rose), and longtime BEL friend Jason Storms of Faithful Soldier! Abortion is illegal in the Dominican Republic! Planned Parenthood's deceptively-named La Familia is desperately trying to open the floodgates of abortion in the Dominican by getting their country to adopt George W. Bush's policy of permitting the "legal" killing of the child of a rapist, a baby whom he and they deem unworthy of love and protection. The mostly bi-lingual group of sixteen Christians made an impact on the nation of ten million through widely covered TV, radio and print interviews, presentations to thousands of high school students, many governing officials at Congreso Nacional, churches including Iglesia Evangelica de Adoracion and Iglesia Evangelica los Redimidos, prison inmates and guards, distribution of 50,000 pieces of graphic pro-life literature. Successful media outreaches included playing the Hard Truth video on air by the Dominican Republic's version of Good Morning America, La manana de dona Miledys and during the group's press conference at the headquarters of the Colegio de Periodistas (the nation's version of the Associate Press) with much of the island nation's media in attendance; and interviews with Channel 32 TV, OmniMedia-DiarioLibre, Listin Diario, Jochi (Jose de Leon) A La luz de la ley channel 10,  Christianizacion TV channel 17, Radio Universal 650am, El Caribe newspaper, Channel 16 Raices Campesinas! Keith Mason's message to the overwhelmingly pro-life people of the Dominican Republic was two-fold: 1) Don't do what America has done, don't start killing your children and 2) showing aborted children as the face of evil itself! Bob Enyart thanks Keith Mason, Lila Rose and Jason Storms for their courageous leadership and vision to help keep children safe in our neighbor in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic!

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