Bob Enyart Live in El Paso County Jail

* Have you Heard Bob Enyart's Four 2009 Shows from Jail? After Focus on the Family pressed charges and testified in court against the peaceful pro-life protesters from American RTL, two of the activists were thrown in jail in the aftermath of Dr. Dobson breaking his promise and violating the pledge he took while invoking God's name . We invite you to listen to Bob's four radio broadcasts from jail. They also aired as do all his shows on America's most powerful Christian station, Denver's 50,000-watt AM 670 KLTT. These four shows begin with today's program as archived here at (See below for links to the other shows.) In the first three programs Bob spoke quietly so that other inmates could not easily overhear that he was doing radio broadcasts from jail; by the last program, that was no longer a concern.

* Today's BEL Program Broadcast from Inside the El Paso County Jail: Bob Enyart hosts today's program from his jail cell phone (so to speak) as he serves day two of a 9-day sentence. See reports below from the Colorado Springs Gazette and Covenant News, and be sure to understand the reason for this American RTL Dobson Pledge Protest.

Post-show News: Idaho's former candidate for Governor, Mr. Prolife himself, Marvin Richardson, in his 2009 Colorado visit, referring generally to the work of American RTLProLife Colorado, Personhood USA, and Colorado RTL, volunteered this assesment, "Denver is the capital of the pro-life movement in America!"

Colorado Springs Gazette: June 10, 2009...

A Colorado Springs municipal judge today jailed two anti-abortion activists after they refused to pay a fine for trespassing at the Focus on the Family headquarters.

Judge Spencer A. Gresham sentenced Kenneth Scott to 11 days in jail and Rev. Bob Enyart to nine days for their role in a Sept. 4 protest against Focus on the Family founder James Dobson's decision to endorse GOP presidential candidate John McCain.

Gresham also fined Enyart's brother Brian $100, which he agreed to pay.

A jury convicted the three men on May 8 following a one-day trial in which they each acted as their own lawyer.

Brian Enyart and Scott came to court wearing red T-shirts that read "Jesus is Judge" on the back. Bob Enyart brought his family along, tying his son's shoelace before standing to be sentenced.

During the trial, the defendants expressed frustration at not being able to raise anti-abortion issues or what they viewed as Dobson's "broken pledge" in supporting McCain's losing campaign against Barack Obama.

That tension continued through the sentencing where Gresham advised all three that he understood their position on the issue.
"I know you are all passionate about that," he said. "I don't want to hear that again."

Prior to the sentencing, Lisa Anderson, a spokeswoman for Focus on the Family asked the judge to consider the organization's concern over safety for its employees and visitors.

The judge rejected a request from the city attorney to require the men to pay $400 in restitution to Focus on the Family. Gresham said the security officials who responded to the incident were already on the payroll that day.

Initially, the judge also did not accept prosecutors' recommendation that Bob Enyart and Scott be jailed because of their previous arrest history. Instead he fined Scott $500 and Enyart $400.

When both men refused to pay, he offered them the option of public service, which they also rejected.

"I refuse to do public service to a system that is killing babies," Scott said.

Gresham warned all three men that he will increase their fines if they re-offend within the next year.

"This is a passionate crusade for you all," he said. "But you have to make certain you do it in a law-abiding fashion."


That secular report updated this at

'Focus on the Family' Protestors' Sentencing Hearing - June 10, 2009

DENVER -- Three members of American Right To Life will be sentenced today, in Colorado Springs Municipal Court, on trespassing charges from their peaceful sit-in at the Focus on the Family headquarters on September 4, 2008. During eight months of pre-trial motions, attorneys for Dr. James Dobson sought to quash the defendants' various subpoenas, including a request for a video Focus shows to visitors. Colorado Springs Judge Michelle Price ruled in favor of the pro-life protestors and ordered Focus on the Family to turn over the video.

American RTL members protested Focus on the Family for continuing to promote a pledge made by Dr. Dobson which Focus now openly acknowledges that their founder has violated. Dr. Dobson's pledge resonates with sincere pro-life Christians. Focus on the Family therefore continues to use "the pledge" to garner good will among their supporters. The deceptive use of this broken pledge is a form of fraudulent fundraising.

Many Christians take seriously the warning that Jesus Christ gave in the Sermon on the Mount against invoking heaven when making a promise, but instead, "let your yes be yes, and your no, no." To see Dr. Dobson's one-minute pledge video and local TV news reports of the pledge protest, click on Dr. Dobson Violates Pledge at

Dr. Dobson invoked the name of God in his famous pledge. When he violated it therefore, not only did he break his promise, but in so doing he also dishonors God. And worse, the continued use of this broken pledge by Focus on the Family to garner good will among donors and others is an insult to God and a terrible example to Christians.

American Right To Life leaders had previously expressed the seriousness of their concern to executives of Focus on the Family, in person, through correspondence, in newsprint, on radio and on television. ARTL urges everyone, including Dr. Dobson, to commit to honoring God above every other political consideration.

Colorado Springs Muncipal Court
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Colorado Springs, Colorado
For more information:
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