First Thing I'd Do as President

* March for Life on Thursday: Please! Call your local abortion protest group and find out where you can go to March for Life. In Colorado, Bob would like to march with you at the Colorado capitol at noon!

* ARTL Press Release Widely Distributed: President Obama to Press Reset Button; Freedom of Choice Act to Kill Faulty Pro-life Strategy -- President Barack Obama promised Planned Parenthood that, "The first thing I'd do as president is sign the Freedom of Choice Act" (FOCA). If he keeps this promise, American Right To Life president Brian Rohrbough said, "President Obama will press the reset button on the pro-life movement and reverse decades of legislation, regulations not built on the firm foundation of personhood, but misguided laws built on sand shifting in the political wind." Catholic Bishops are warning that FOCA would regulate even pro-life medical facilities, pushing Catholic hospitals toward aborting children. "These bishops actually opposed valid personhood bills," said Rohrbough, "while supporting the immoral strategy of regulating child killing, they may be forced to take their own medicine, and become the target of further regulation, or close their hospitals." "FOCA trumps regulations, and personhood trumps FOCA," said Rohrbough, "because personhood invokes..." Read the conclusion at!

* Biblical references to illegitimate leaders and laws: the Bible refers to leaders and laws that are illegitimate. How does it do so? How should we do so?

Post-show note:

* BEL Indiana Seminars: Bob Enyart is coming to Indiana, Goshen in the evening of Jan. 29th and Indianapolis on Saturday January 31st, to present a brand new BEL Seminar titled Hermeneutics: Tools for Studying the Bible. Learn how to use tools of interpretation as you study the Bible. And as importantly, Bob will discuss the principles involved for prioritizing these hermeneutics and how to decide which tool to use in which instance. You'll love it! Click for more info and to register please call 1-800-8Enyart!

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