John Haskins on BEL

* Brian Rohrbough and Bob Enyart: speak with the Underground Journal's John Haskins about Christian leaders who have sold out their loyalty to God to become political hacks for the pro-choice Republican Party. Long past due, the insightful John Haskins is on the air with BEL!

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* Listen Online to Brian Rohrbough in DC: Brian Rohrbough, the president of American Right To Life, will be speaking this weekend at the Institute on the Constitution in Washington D.C.! To listen (and watch) live at 7 p.m. E.T. go to National Pro Life Radio! Here's a local announcement in the Maryland Gazette.

* BEL Indiana Seminars: Bob Enyart is coming to Indiana, Goshen in the evening of Jan. 29th and Indianapolis on Saturday January 31st, to present a brand new BEL Seminar titled Hermeneutics: Tools for Studying the Bible. Learn how to use tools of interpretation as you study the Bible. And as importantly, Bob will discuss the principles involved for prioritizing these hermeneutics and how to decide which tool to use in which instance. You'll love it! Click for more info and to register please call 1-800-8Enyart!

Today's Resource: Enjoy Bob Enyart's Bible study on the book of Esther! What wrong had Queen Vashti committed to justify her divorce? This study addresses the hard questions that arise when reading the fascinating book of Esther! God's enemies used the mighty King Ahasuerus almost as a pawn, and then he reversed himself and complied with the request of God's people. Did the LORD predestine these contradictory actions by the King? Did God cause hundreds of women to be sexually degraded, and did He put the Jews in great trouble just so that He could then be their hero and save them? Or were the ugly historic details of Esther the result of sinful men acting apart from God's will? Christians studying Esther can learn about how God prefers to influence the affairs of men and nations.