Another Terrorist to Execute

* Another Terrorist to Execute: For the jihadist who tried to crash the Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Detroit, Bob Enyart discusses KGOV's Christian Response to 9-11. (Hear more from the five-year anniversary).

* Signature Gal Leslie Hanks: With 40 states following Colorado's 2008 lead, Bob and CRTL's vice president Leslie Hanks discuss how vital it is for Colorado to get Personhood back on the ballot for 2010! Please help! Please!

* The Personhood Movement Has Exploded Into 40 States! So please help the state personhood efforts get the signatures they need to re-criminalize abortion! If you live in:
- Colorado: could you help circulate the Personhood Colorado & Colorado RTL 2010 petition? If so, just click or call 303-753-9394.
- California: please visit the CA Human Life Amendment site to get a petition and start collecting signature for the Lord and for the innocent child!
- If you live in any other state, can you help to advance personhood via the 2010 ballot or in one of three different ways?
We all need your help!

Today's Resource: Please consider emailing this helpful description of Focus on the Strategy II to another Christian who may be an asset in the personhood movement after viewing this groundbreaking DVD!