Jim from Denver Upset about Katrina

Special Edition of Real Science Radio

* Jim from Denver Upset at Bob over Katrina: Is angry at Bob Enyart and Doug McBurney for saying that Hurricane Katrina was not a judgment from God but a random storm. Christians often confuse superstition with spiritual maturity. God does not crash cars and planes in order to show how loving He is by saving some of the passengers. God is not a Bible version of the pagan Zeus who hit people with lightning bolts, for if that were true, the evidence is that lightning rods have ruined that kind of divine aim.

* Scurvy and Plane Crashes: And if a sailor broke out with scurvy because as punishment for his wayward life, then the vitamin C in a lime now prevents divine retribution. When God actually does miracles, like the parting of the Red Sea, restoring sight to the blind, and the raising of Lazarus, even unbelievers acknowledge the miracles. Today, alleged miracles are claimed by true believers only. Drunk drivers often survive while killing innocent young victims, and research would show that Christian passengers have no greater survival rate than atheists in plane crashes. If a plane came straight down at a thousand miles an hour and was demolished, and four hundred passengers survived standing unhurt at the crash site, that would be a miracle. God can do miracles, but the "miracles" flippantly claimed by so many discredit the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And what's worse, those who speak for God without authority and wrongly attribute murder, disaster, and judgments to God are ignoring the warnings against such in Scripture and instead are behaving like Job's accusers Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar, and like the religiously superstitious men whom the Lord corrected in Luke 13:1-5.

* Miracles and Flat Tires: From Bob Enyart's article, Miracle Dynamics: Notice that Christians who pray for God to miraculously fix their cars only pray for repairs they cannot see with their eyes. If a car does not start, some believers will ask God to fix it rather than asking Him for wisdom in the situation. However, believers never ever pray for a repair of something visibly wrong with the car. For example, Christians never pray and ask God to supernaturally fix a flat tire. Why? If a knob is broken off or a windshield is busted out, Christians do not ask God to fix those things. Why? Because they know, deep within, even if they have a hard time admitting it, that God will not fix those things no matter how much faith they have. However, a mechanical problem that they cannot see presents a blind faith opportunity to deceive themselves. The uncertainty that goes with hidden problems leaves enough chance that the car just might start on the next attempt (as cars so often do). So, Christians claim a miracle when the car starts on the next try.

* Can Someone Be Compelled to Love? No. Separately, has the World Health Organization realized that the Gospel is true? No. And it seems too much to even hope for. Bob and Doug talk about the news, Charles Darwin, Biden being held under the White House, Iowa permitting homosexual "marriage," theology, and about God being God, but not a magician.

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