Final: Jo 1, Enforcer 0

* Denver's Code Enforcer vs. Jo Scott's Ladder: the saga of Denver bureaucrats trying again today to stop Jo from using large signs and ladders (yes, ladders)...

* Down at the Ole' Saw Mill: Today A baby was saved and Jo Scott spoke with a government official...

* Denver's Code Enforcer vs. Jo Scott's Ladder: Jo Scott and occasional BEL co-host Doug McBurney discuss the saga of Denver bureaucrats trying again today to stop Jo from using large signs and ladders (yes, ladders) in her efforts to save the babies whom Planned Parenthood had scheduled to murder. Here's the announcement from atop KGOV's website today:

Jo Scott can use moral support: and perhaps another witness in Denver this morning by 11:30 a.m. at Planned Parenthood at 38th & Pontiac just south of I-70 and west of Quebec. As in years past, a Denver Code Enforcer is trying to get Jo Scott of to remove the equipment she uses in her life-saving sidewalk counseling. If you can't be there today, March 25, 2009, then please pray for Jo. [10 a.m. MT UPDATE: Four police cars are now on scene as reinforcements against Jo Scott who is at the abortion clinic with two other Christian protesters, a young girl and a retired man. Jo is escalating by contacting a Denver police captain and she's resisting, peacefully of course.]

On thousands of mornings, in order to make eye contact to plead with each mom going into the clinic to kill her child, Jo Scott and other Denver pro-lifers use ladders to rise up above the visual barriers erected by the Planned Parenthood abortionists (fences, walls, sheets of shame). After the police arrived in force to aid the latest Denver code bureaucrat trying to impede Jo's efforts: Final disposition: Jo 1, Enforcer 0.

* Down at the Ole' Saw Mill: Today is another average day for Christians at Denver's abortuary. A precious baby, scheduled to be murdered today, was saved by God's blessing and because of the faithfulness of a few heroic Christians. Also, Jo Scott spoke with a local government official who had been confused and thought that the first few verses of Romans 13 teach that governing officials should obey man rather than God and protect murderers if ever an earthly government has "decriminalized" murder.

* North Dakota Floods: with some legislators actually filling sand bags trying to hold back flood waters, the vote on the ND Personhood bill has been postponed. Please pray.

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