Multnomah Student Stephen Harris

* Most at Bible College Vote for Obama: Student journalist Stephen Harris and Bob Enyart expose the results of "Christian" moral relativism. Pro-life leaders thought there was no downside to convincing millions of Christians to support Republicans, like John McCain, etc., who advocated the killing of some unborn children. Now countless church-going Christians, even at ostensibly pro-life institutions like Notre Dame and Multnomah Bible College, actually vote for a blatant child-killer like Barack Obama.

[Correction: After this interview, Stephen contacted KGOV indicating that he overstated the percentage of Multnomah students who had voted for Obama and upon later reflection he realized that it would only have been a minority of students who had done so.]

October 2009 UPDATE: See also the Multnomah University blog below in which a Christian student crticial of this intereview admits voting for open child-killer Barack Obama and defends doing so on utilitarian grounds. And see also Bob Enyart's reply, which is also below, beneath the Today's Resoure feature, that Bob submitted to the blog.

Moral relativism cannot be controlled. When Dr. James Dobson and National Right To Life teach Christians to set aside God's enduring command Do not murder when trying to put someone in office, what makes them think that these "conservative" voters will stay on the Republican reservation? If they can compromise by voting for someone who ignores God's command, Do not murder, there is no ultimate standard other than their own pride which will guide them, and within a few election cycles, millions of "pro-lifers" will vote for a liberal like Barack Obama. After all, if murder does not disqualify a candidate, Dr. Dobson, why should any other issue? Moral relativism cannot be controlled! You shall know them by their fruits! The fruit of the child-killing regulators in the failed pro-life industry is the growing tolerance of murderous laws and leaders.

* Down Syndrome, Down Side: Mutnomah's student paper The Voice published an article, Down Syndrome Abortions in the Modern Era, for which Stephen Harris interviewed Princeton's Peter Singer, and BEL friends Steve Wagner and Colorado RTL spokeswoman and nurse practitioner Lolita Hanks. Stephen thanked BEL for promoting the personhood movement, because recognition of the God-given right to life of the unborn from the beginning of biological development is the only earthly hope to protect the increasing number of handicapped children being killed in the womb. (Bob has a darling young nephew who has Down Syndrome and Zachary is valued and wonderfully loved by his family as every child should be, including of course the handicapped children that many brutally advocate killing.)

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See Also the Multnomah University Blog: Student Stephen Harris on the Radio in which a Multnomah student who admits voting for open child-killer Barack Obama defends doing so on utilitarian grounds. Bob Enyart submitted the following post.

Bob Enyart Post Submitted to MBC Blog: Hello John Lussier, thanks for your comments. Although, I pray you will reconsider and, as I seek to do regularly, ask God to search your heart regarding this matter. Stephen Harris wrote a great article on Down Syndrome, and because of our mutual horror at the intentional killing of children, and my realization that trying to regulate the lynching of blacks or gassing of Jews or dismembering of babies is immoral, the topic expanded. Stephen called me back and we posted a correction in the show summary at regarding the possible percentage of Multnomah students who voted for pro-abortion Barack Obama. This blog though has me more concerned than ever about moral relativism at Multnomah.

John, you admit voting for an open and aggressive child killer. (Discerning Listener, please take note.) John, you are the fruit of the moral relativism around you. When Christian leaders defend those who support killing some children -like every Republican who has so-called exceptions- and when they advocate child-killing regulations that end with "and then you can kill the baby," they engage in moral relativism. And MORAL RELATIVISM CANNOT BE CONTROLLED. Thus, millions of 'pro-lifers' vote for an aggressive child killer like Barack Obama, because while a politician who is an admitted racist would stand no chance, Christians feel comfortable and justify voting for politicians who admit to advocating the right to kill innocent children. This is scandalous, and right here on the university's website no less.

John, you might think that 20th-century Germans were somehow genetic freaks to put the National Socialist party in power. But in reality, they were countless normal human beings with a tendency toward selfishness who were born into a nominally Christian but increasingly utilitarian society. The hero Dietrich Bonhoeffer strongly opposed the NAZIs (that stands for National Socialist by the way) and to say the least John, he was not supported by the Christian leadership around him. Dietrich would have been horrified by your justification for supporting the admitted child killer, Barack Obama, because you have captured the exact utilitarian justification of the churchgoers who supported the Nazis. Yet not even Hitler campaigned on the open advocacy of slaughtering the innocent, as Barack Obama does. If I can take the liberty of replacing three of your words with "the national socialist chancellor:"

John Lussier: "I endorsed [the national socialist chancellor] out of my belief that he will try to lower poverty levels, increase minimum wage, create jobs, reform immigration policy, give tax cuts for the most needy Americans and reshape the tax code to benefit the lower end of the economic spectrum, give access to affordable healthcare for all people, and even perhaps change how we do sex education."

There is no bottom to that abyss.

-Pastor Bob Enyart
Denver Bible Church &